Bob Bennett Guest Book for 1/97

NAME: scott boley
DATE: 1/3/97 @ 0:35:25

had Bob in for a weekend of different activities in October. Everything written by Erick Nelson is absolutely true. The greatest of guys he is.

NAME: Jerry Lorenz
DATE: 1/3/97 @ 20:18:04

My wife likes Bob Bennett's Music and I have been trying to see When he is going to be in the Chicagoland area. Is it posible to have my name added to a email list for future concerts?

NAME: Mark
DATE: 1/4/97 @ 10:11:05

Thanks for keeping track of Bob for those of us who like the "Golden but not Oldies" of Christian music. They are great blessings from God!

NAME: Barbara
DATE: 1/4/97 @ 15:57:11

I came over from Michael Card's page. Thanks for the link! I enjoy Bob's music, real-ness and humor. God bless you, your family and Jay.

NAME: Dale Hartzler
DATE: 1/7/97 @ 7:10:52

I am particularly interested in sources of sheet music.

NAME: Jim Lapeyre
DATE: 1/7/97 @ 7:43:01

WAY good! *grin*

NAME: Claire Knudsen
DATE: 1/7/97 @ 20:00:38

see email already sent :-)

NAME: Chris & Maya Vanover
DATE: 1/11/97 @ 22:41:32

Attend Calvary Chapel Rivergate- Nashville where Bob did an outstanding performance at our Valentine's banquet Feb 96. Also saw Bob at Jammin' Java in Franklin this past fall and will most likely be there again on Jan 31. Bob is one of our ALL TIME favourites. Philemon 7

NAME: Clint Collins
DATE: 1/13/97 @ 2:28:34

thanks for placing bb on the net he's one of my favorite artist along with mark heard he's been a true inspiration to my own music

NAME: Rusty Benson
DATE: 1/13/97 @ 10:58:06

Thanks Bob. You music continues to touch me down deep and your comments on Lee-Shore are always a highlight.

NAME: Nancy Beaudette
DATE: 1/13/97 @ 14:18:11

NAME: Patrick Harrison
DATE: 1/15/97 @ 10:20:14

I stumbled upon your sight while looking for Michael Card sites. I thought Bob Bennett slipped through the cracks after "Bright Avenue". I really enjoy his acoustic guitar; it is so rich, so fresh, so rejuvinating. I am a guitarist looking for a rich acoustic style, and I would like to learn of his technique, as well as what inspires his guitar playing.

Thank you


NAME: John Merrick
DATE: 1/17/97 @ 15:35:26

Saw Bob in San Jose last year at the Guitarist Conference with Phil Keaggy - great gig! Then I found Bright Avenue in our local Christian Book Store - great CD! Then I found my way here via the Michael Card site - great job! JM

NAME: Sean Herriott
DATE: 1/18/97 @ 8:24:06

NAME: K.C. Kelly
DATE: 1/21/97 @ 21:27:52

I'm a big fan. Bob's music has helped shape my music ministry.

NAME: K.C. Kelly
DATE: 1/21/97 @ 21:28:00

I'm a big fan. Bob's music has helped shape my music ministry.

NAME: micah humphreys
DATE: 1/24/97 @ 11:17:18

wow, it's great to see a web page about bob bennett, my mom and dad listened to him alot when i was a kid, now i'm 19 and at college, and i still love his music!! thanks!

NAME: Jon A. Keary
DATE: 1/24/97 @ 12:37:26

I've been a Bob Bennett fan for years. His music was very instrumental in helping me become a Christian. Matters of the Heart songs still filter through my mind, regularly. I play the guitar and I'd like to know if Bob's music is published, esp Matters of the Heart, and if so, by whom. I want a song book of that album!! Thanks forever, Bob...

NAME: John and Kelly Olson
DATE: 1/26/97 @ 9:28:39

The first time we saw Bob was at UT Arlington, TX when Bob opened for Michael Card in Spring of '91. We fell in love with him and his ministry of music. We have seen him also at Foot Loose and the Arlington Art Center. We gave Bob a big hug to thank him for adding to our lives. Please give Bob a hug from us and tell him to keep the music flowing. Love and appreciation, John and Kelly Olson

NAME: Ted Watson
DATE: 1/26/97 @ 15:35:32

I first Bob's music back in 1981, and his songwriting and guitar syle have been a great influence to me ever since. Got a chance to see Bob with Michael Card in Orlando a few years back, and hope Bob will make his way back east sometime in the near future. I was excited to come across Bob's home page and I am looking forward to his upcoming release. God Bless You Bob Bennett!

Ted Watson, Winter Garden, FL.

NAME: francois mulder
DATE: 1/27/97 @ 23:00:38

The biggest fan of you in Africa, i'm sure. "Living next door to.....the mines of mozambique"

South Africa

NAME: Chris Wright
DATE: 1/28/97 @ 1:17:35

Dear Jay,

Thank you for assisting in the music ministry of Bob Bennett. I have enjoyed his music for years, and his songs have been a major influence on my own life and music ministry (I'm also a full-timer). I believe that He and David Wilcox are two of the most gifted songwriters (of any genre)out there. There is a beautiful honesty in their writing that touches the heart, and they share a masterful way with words that transcends the cheap cleverness of today's formula writers. Bob's decision to write and sing about his failures took a lot of courage, but that's being REAL in its most painful and purest form. I'm continuing to pray for Bob and his family, as well as his ministry. I hope he is surrounded by Godly men who can encourage him in his gift and calling. I have shared his CD (Bright Ave.) with two divorced friends of mine, and their tears, as well as mine, could attest to the work which the Holy Spirit was doing in their hearts. I know of no better music to share with someone who is either contemplating or suffering the consequences of divorce. I'm certain Bob would have much rather been used of God for some other ministry, but like Joseph and Paul, I marvel at how God can take our sin and awful circumstances and use them for our good and His glory somehow. What a loving Father we have! Well Jay, I'm sure this has become a site for sore eyes. If you don't mind, I'd like to get my brother (who just started my home page) to add a link to this site. People who enjoy my music sometimes mention Bob's name. I always tell them there's only one Bob. And I praise God for him.

By His grace, in His love,

Chris Wright

P.S. You might want to add a space for people to state their favorite song of Bob's.(Mine is "Man of the Tombs.") It might be of some use to Bob when he's putting his sets together.

NAME: bruce
DATE: 1/28/97 @ 17:58:36

My steak is fantastic!

NAME: Maury Estabrooks
DATE: 1/28/97 @ 21:59:31

Bob, I saw you many years ago at Servite High in Orange County, You opened for Tamarack and Sweet Comfort Band. I have been a fan ever since. I have taken up the guitar myself and have been playing for a little over a year now. I found my computer service was serviing no one but myself. Too much technology and not enough humanity. Seems like God released my desire to work on computers (Bulletin Board System) and take my stree level down a bit. I love the guitar. I wanted to ask if you have chord charts for any of your work that you would not mind sharing. Hey, God Bless you and your ministry!

NAME: Billy Powell
DATE: 1/30/97 @ 22:27:47

Great job guys!!!!! I've been a BIG fan of Bob's for a long time now.I too went through a divorce in 1990 and it was very painful.The "SONGS FROM BRIGHT AVE." really helped alot.Just one question.Is any of Bob's music in print? I can't seem to find any anywhere. If there is any way you could let me know,it would be a big help. Thanks again and keep up the great work!