Bob Bennett Guest Book for 2/97

NAME: MItch Frady
DATE: 2/4/97 @ 15:46:17

I heard a song on the radio the other day titled "God Loves You". Is this a a Bob Bennett song. If so how can I get a copy of the sheet music or trac. Thanks.

NAME: Tom Rhodes
DATE: 2/5/97 @ 7:23:06

I have really enjoyed reading about Bob and communicating with him via e-mail. I am looking for Bob's earlier works. All I have is "Lord of The Past" and "Songs From Bright Avenue". If you know of anyone who is willing to part with Bob's early albums, they may contact me at I wonder what the chances are of reviving the masters for these recordings for re-release. Any thoughts?

Regards, Tom Rhodes

NAME: Erin Clark
DATE: 2/11/97 @ 13:34:06

A friend sent me a copy, a few years ago, of Bob Bennett's Songs from Bright Avenue and I liked it so much I literally wore it out. I understand that you may be able to tell me how to find a copy of it. The information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

NAME: Jim Karpowitz
DATE: 2/12/97 @ 15:23:34

Hey Jay,

Long time no talk-to. Hope things are well with you. Heard about the delay in Bob's new release. I'm bummed! I'm looking forward to hearing it when it does come out.

I have a new e-mail address due to AOL's reliability problems. Well, break's over and I gotta run. Take care!

Jim K (aka for however long it lasts!)

NAME: dave davenport
DATE: 2/15/97 @ 23:03:07

Thanks for the effort.

One interesting link would be Bobs favorite authors, much like in michael cards webpage.

Is bob coming to denver soon???

NAME: David Whitford
DATE: 2/20/97 @ 14:12:28

NAME: David Whitford
DATE: 2/20/97 @ 14:41:45

Saw Bob at last year's Christian Guitarists Conference in San Jose. (Reggie Coates/Phil Keaggy) All of us were so impressed with Bob's heart (not to mention his virtuosity). Regarding the comments that his music is too painful to listen to, I disagree. On our way home from the conference, the guys who attended with me were somehow "drawn" to listen to "Bright Avenue." Painful? No. Touched? Not a big enough word. Good to know Bob does small venues. Would love to invite him to the high desert. Could guarantee 200 seats. Perhaps a joint effort with newcomer "Shelley Spady" (406) 585-8750 Produced by Dave Messenger (formerly of Calvary Chapel, West Covina). Worth considering.

NAME: Larry McCabe
DATE: 2/22/97 @ 1:24:35

NAME: Tim Hunlock
DATE: 2/22/97 @ 11:31:40

Great site!