Bob Bennett Guest Book for 3/97

NAME: Renee Crawford
DATE: 3/1/97 @ 0:43:23

Really liked the CCM article. Great web page, it actually has the stuff I want to know, like what's happening with Bob lately. Really liked the intro letter by the web creator about how he started this web page.

NAME: Wally Grant
DATE: 3/1/97 @ 1:54:35

Having known Bob since working on his first Album I have become a great fan and i hope friend it's good to see the interest in Bob's work is here on the Web!

NAME: John Knopp
DATE: 3/1/97 @ 19:09:00

Thank you ever so much for your ministry.... Hope to see you in the MD/VA/DC area again soon... shalom.... John<><

DATE: 3/1/97 @ 20:59:25
Comments:'s me --you know your little brother.....I'm visiting a friend with a computer.....great page! me when you get a chance......I guess I can visit your home page now cause I couldn't visit your room...."Timmy---get out of my room" has been replaced with your home page. I love the 90's and you too. C-ya.

NAME: Chuck Bristow
DATE: 3/3/97 @ 17:23:55

NAME: John Armstrong
DATE: 3/5/97 @ 11:11:24

I have about worn out my tape of the album "Bright Avenue". I like the songs that deal openly and honestly with divorce as well as "Our Codependent Love". I actually bought the album because I heard "Codependent Love" on KLTY and have loved the whole album ever since.

NAME: Paul barrieau
DATE: 3/5/97 @ 14:01:56

I just discovered the page. Have been yet another devoted fan of Bob's since early, early 80's. Saw him in Waterville, Maine in 90 something. Have always been the first to buy his new releases. Can't tell you how much Bob has meant to me and my family. Thanks for the page.

"Still alive tonite" and

in HIM


NAME: Robb Carpenter
DATE: 3/8/97 @ 10:41:52

It's been 14 years since I last saw Bob Bennett perform live in Dallas. I can still recall the killer,acoustic version of "Help" that he did. God's Peace,Love, and Mystery Be With Y'all!

NAME: Billy Reiser
DATE: 3/13/97 @ 1:12:50

Big Fan. Come to B'ham!

NAME: Gary Drabek
DATE: 3/17/97 @ 11:39:01

Nice page. I'm a big B.B. admirer. We hosted Bob at our church on December 29th in Brea Ca. It was a wonderful concert, though not well attended. (because of his move he was not able to provide us with the necessary promotion materials.)

NAME: Paul Mays
DATE: 3/18/97 @ 19:59:07

NAME: Bart Farmer
DATE: 3/18/97 @ 20:48:58

This is a great idea! We've just pulled out Lord of the Past, dusted it off, and are being blessed by Bob's music all over again!

NAME: Jodi Kiffmeyer
DATE: 3/20/97 @ 9:02:58

I don't know much about Bob Bennett but have been invited to hear him sing the first weekend in May at a church in Minnesota. I would have liked to hear some of his music on this web site, but otherwise, it was helpful and informational.

NAME: Tawni Langness
DATE: 3/20/97 @ 15:18:03

NAME: Paul F. Pearson
DATE: 3/21/97 @ 14:41:49

Hello, all. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Mr. Bennett. Hope it's a good one!

Mr. Bennett (or should I call you Bob?), Be sure to ask Jay about his usual birthday present for a persons' 30th birthday (I don't know if you're approching or have passed that age).

Jay mentioned the possibility of your releasing an acoustic album. That would be great. There's just something special about an acoustic guitar; particularly from a good musician like yourself (and Jay).

NAME: Rich
DATE: 3/22/97 @ 15:01:52

Hi Jay! Just thought I'd drop you a note and say thanks for the info and sharing your thoughts about Bob. I've had the blessing of meeting Bob about five years ago at a small Church leadership meeting up at Forest Home, near Big Bear. Ever since that intimate concert, I've grown to appreciate and love the heart of a very "real" brother in the Lord! His music has impacted my life and thoughts, I don't see how anyone, Christian or otherwise could not be touched by this man's tenderness. Anyhow, keep up the good work - O', I'll be attending a worship seminar in April, located in San Jose where Bob and many other Christian musicians will be teaching the way of worship (John Michael Talbot and Terry, as well...). thanks again, Grace - Rich.

NAME: Pauline Field
DATE: 3/22/97 @ 15:05:59

I have been unable to locate "Matters of the Heart" on CD. Is it available, and where?

NAME: Dawn
DATE: 3/23/97 @ 11:30:14

This is great. I have been in search for Bob Bennett stuff for the past 2 years. THanks for this page. I have heard his music on the radio for along time, but I could never find any of his cd's or tapes. It just so happened that I went to a music store that was going out of business and low and behold I stumbled upon his Bright Avenue album. I love it. He has actually inspired me to continue my pursuit of learning to play the guitar well. I enjoy his real music. I am still hoping to find more of his stuff. I will look here on your page. Could you sen me any info via e-mail on how to order his music. I have tried going through the producers of his Bright Avenue album using the internet, but I have had absolutely no luck.

thanks a bunch dawn

NAME: Dawn Smith
DATE: 3/23/97 @ 20:03:52

I am very interested in purchasing any albums on the internet. I would also like to know if you are ever in East Tennessee for concerts? It is great to hear that you are producing more music. You have been a great inspiration and your music is living. I appreciate your honest words that cut straight to the heart of the matter. It is unfortunate that such a great muscician with a heart for the Lord has been overlooked in the past. I guess most people are carried away by the feel gooders. I wish you great success and fulfillment on your new endeavors. At least know that there are some of us out here that know what good music is when we hear it.

Forever His Dawn

NAME: Jay Rinkel
DATE: 3/23/97 @ 21:24:16

Well, Bob. I much appreciate the phone conversation the other day. I just added the new stuff here on the site and even added a few things to the guest book. I hope I didn't go overboard just so that people can encourage the acoustic/vocal album you mentioned to me.

NAME: Jay Rinkel
DATE: 3/23/97 @ 21:49:14

Just making sure.

NAME: Jim Karpowitz
DATE: 3/24/97 @ 10:03:28

Just saying hey......

Any further word on "Small Graces?"

NAME: Tim Helmen
DATE: 3/24/97 @ 11:52:15

NAME: Bob Hogan
DATE: 3/24/97 @ 16:50:05

Looking forward to Small Graces as well as anything new that Bob would do. I'd also like to see rereleases of his old albums.

DATE: 3/24/97 @ 16:54:46

NAME: Daniel S. Melius
DATE: 3/24/97 @ 17:19:40

I've been listening to Bob for about 3 years now. My favorite album of his is First Things First which I was lucky enough to pick up on CD in an auction over the internet. I have never had the opportunity to listen to Matters of the Heart or Non Fiction but I've heard several good songs on the Lord of the Past album from those albums. This new project sounds great. Hopefully, you will be able to supply it to me over the internet. Any new info on Bob's album small graces? I know he was having trouble geting a record label, but I thoght that was all worked out. Any imput on this would be appreciated.

thanks, Daniel S. Melius

NAME: Kurt Useldinger
DATE: 3/25/97 @ 2:02:36

Back in 1979, I heard Bob play at the Vineyard in San Luis Obispo. I had played guitar in bands for the previous 8 years and was hoping that this wasn't a "3 chord guy". I had also just been saved 6 months earlier and was hoping for some sincere music and sharing.

18 years later after attending many christian music events, that evening with Bob Bennett was the best ever! It's hard to express this experience with words. Bob's acoustic guitar work was incredible, his voice beatiful and testimony was I believe the heart of Jesus. I still remember it like it was yesterday- Bob said that he felt the reason people followed Jesus was because they knew He really cared for them- our Sheperd. And that we all have problems but He cares for us. Writing this now and reading this back as I write, it may not sound like much, but Bob's sincere heart and music touched me to my soul.

I did not want that concert to end. I can only describe Bob's guitar work as "white hot" and vocal work to be inspired- not of this world. I bought his "First Things First" album 4 months later when it came out. It's still one of my favorites. I only hope this acoustic work your doing can capture what it was like hearing you.

I heard you again 1 1/2 later when you had your Band but I liked your acoustic stuff much better. The persona of Bob really comes thru on your acoustic stuff.

I read an article on the net about you by CMM. It's unfortunate that the Christian Media is so similar to the world, but I'm glad to read that that your dealing with rea

NAME: Jeff Frakes
DATE: 3/25/97 @ 9:14:59

Bob, your technic is really wonderful. I have done one chart for "Your's Alone" and would be curious about getting more charts and sheet music (expanding on your playing style) and anything else you will offer! God's Peace!

NAME: Pierre Allegre
DATE: 3/26/97 @ 0:54:49

I'm a pastor in West Seattle. I'm presently working on getting Bob to do a concert up here some time in the Fall. Keep up the good work!

NAME: Michael James
DATE: 3/26/97 @ 23:01:40

I have been a personal friend of Bob's for a few years. Being an artist myself, I have said many times that Bob Bennett is one of the truly great artists of our time. I have been a fan of his music for many years. I look forward to ANY project recorded by Bob. Please give him my regards...I'd love to hear from him. Blessings, Michael James

NAME: Gary R. Collins II
DATE: 3/26/97 @ 23:47:07

Dear Bob:

It's been 6 years that you disappeared from Christian music. What was you doing? Was you busy helping the children? Well, you see, when you're happily married, it is not that easy, it is very hard!! You have to turn in all of your hard work into muscles before you could concentrate on another. I also found out that some christian artists do go away for a long period of time due to their other businesses that they have to carry on. I'm 19-years-old, and I am a very busy person in school/work. I'm still doing a good job, but, I have to try a little bit harder on my paper. And that, doing my paper could give me a pain in the neck, I must say!! Well, I have to get going!! But please, keep in touch!

Gary Collins II e-mail address:

NAME: Terry Kreutzkamp
DATE: 3/27/97 @ 18:01:16

NAME: Alex
DATE: 3/27/97 @ 18:10:50

Great site. I'm glad to see Bob is still making music, and that there are other people out there besides me who recognize his talent.
Yours in Christ,

NAME: Stephen Melachrinos
DATE: 3/27/97 @ 22:39:58

NAME: Lisa Jackson
DATE: 3/28/97 @ 16:48:47

I have been a huge Bob Bennett fan for many years. I love his Christ-centered lyrics, his poignant expression, and his smooth and soothing voice. I am so glad he hung in there and is still recording.

DATE: 3/29/97 @ 0:52:20

It's great to find this page and the other one. I have enjoyed Bob's music for years and have eagerly looked forward to each new release. Even if they are ten years apart! Anyway, what's the update on "Small Graces" since February 11th? I hope it is coming out soon!

NAME: debra gardner
DATE: 3/29/97 @ 15:41:52

A vocal accoustic album? I'm salivating with delight! Please do it!!!!!!!!!!!

NAME: Jeff Trice
DATE: 3/29/97 @ 20:27:43

NAME: Ken Culp Jr.
DATE: 3/30/97 @ 20:47:08

NAME: Mike Burke
DATE: 3/30/97 @ 21:56:43

I'm thrilled Jay put this web-page together. I've been starved for information on Bob and his ministry. Thanks so much and God bless you!

NAME: Gary Forsythe
DATE: 3/31/97 @ 11:23:52

I am a long-time Bob Bennett fan/concert promoter/station manager. Bob just spent the weekend here in Wichita Falls doing a concert for KMOC-FM and Easter services at Grace church. This was Bob's fifth visit to W.F over the last 15 years and, as always, he was great. Having heard a final mix of three of the "Small Graces" traks, it goes without saying that we're all looking forward to the new album's relase. Phil Naish has done a spectacular job as producer. It's simple, perfectly balanced, and definately "not" overproduced. That's the way it should be!

NAME: Paul Treangen
DATE: 3/31/97 @ 20:46:36

I enjoy your page as well as the Bright Avenue one. Bob is a very talented man and I miss seeing new music from him. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of his new cd and was very disappointed that it has been delayed. Any news on this? As a suggestion, I wish Bob would let you post guitar chords along with the lyrics to his songs. I enjoy his music and can not purchase the songbooks anywhere. I would like to use some of his songs in church service. Hey Bob, come back to Iowa soon, we love you here!