Bob Bennett Guest Book for 4/97

NAME: Jim Difino
DATE: 4/1/97 @ 14:22:51

Hi Jay--

Thanks for the web site. I hope Bob puts out an acoustic album. I've heard him several times in concert and would enjoy a good acoustic studio version. Let us know when you get news on the release of Small Graces. Your work is greatly appreciated.


NAME: Joni Halpin
DATE: 4/1/97 @ 18:10:21

I'm a HUGE BB fan since 1979. Please let me know when his new album is out!!!!!

NAME: Dale Hartzler
DATE: 4/2/97 @ 10:27:30

NAME: Wesley Dickens
DATE: 4/2/97 @ 13:34:55

Praise God, I finally found something featuring Bob Bennett. I was beginning to think that I was the only person to have heard of him. None of the Christian Bookstores in Las Vegas have any of his music. I am looking for any of his music that may be available to download for guitar. There was once in CCM a copy of Man of the Tombs. But I am also looking for a copy of the CD/Cassette featuring this song. let's urge the record company to re-release it. thanky-you for all of the useful info, keep in touch?


NAME: larry devine
DATE: 4/2/97 @ 19:25:42

I have been a Bob Bennett music listener since his first album "first Things first".I've been following his music ever since.his last album "songs from bright avenue"i found very heart felt.I'm 37 years old and Bobs music fits in my walk very nicely.Keep the music coming Bob. God Bless Larry DeVine

NAME: Steve Cox
DATE: 4/3/97 @ 13:41:31

Thanks for this site, espeically the performance info. I will be at the Apropos Coffee house Friday!

NAME: Ed Contreras
DATE: 4/3/97 @ 22:47:52

The album "Matters of the Heart by Bob is in my top twenty favorite albums of all time!! (This includes albums like "Aja" by Steely Dan, "Troubadour of the Great King" by J.M Talbot, "The Life" by Michael Card, and "Santana 3" by Santana. I am so glad he is recording and performing again!

NAME: Chuck Bristow
DATE: 4/4/97 @ 13:24:08

I would definetly be interested in anything Bob would put together. And couldn't get a hold of it fast enough!!

I'd especially love to hear new recording of some of his songs from Non-Fiction. To me some of his best stuff is on that too long ago album.

NAME: Ted & Gayle Emerson
DATE: 4/4/97 @ 22:04:37

Would we be interested in an all acoustic album from Bob Bennett? A B S O L U T E L Y !!!!! Recently, Phil Keaggy did an all acoustic album available only on the Internet or through his fan club. We ordered it and found it was probably the best Phil Keaggy album to date. (We have since ordered many more copies and sent them to freinds.)

Most albums today are way overmixed and overproduced. Unlike 90% of most Christian artists, Bob actually has something to say. It may not be a tingly, feel-good message, but it is 100% from the heart.

NAME: Brian Van Alstyne
DATE: 4/5/97 @ 9:00:18

I love Bob Bennett's music!

NAME: Renee Crawford
DATE: 4/5/97 @ 18:00:24


Please please go ahead and make the acoustical record. I am sure it will sell very well at your concerts. I personally would much rather have an album of just you and your guitar, than the backup music you have on your previous albums. I'm still wowed from your Ashburn, VA concert several weeks ago. You are so incredibly talented. Looking forward to seeing you in concert again, when you make it back to this part of the country. Please include "man of the tombs".

In Christ, Renee

NAME: Karen Ross
DATE: 4/5/97 @ 22:32:09

Love your music Bob! Many of yur songs have ministered to me, and others made me laugh! Thanks!

NAME: Eric J. Allen
DATE: 4/7/97 @ 3:10:49

I tried to get ahold of Bob via email a few months ago, but he never responded -- might have scared him off, mentioning that I didn't at the time have my own email address. But I have an address now (, and wish to pursue the idea of getting him back to MN to do 2 or 3 concerts. Please pass this on to Bob if you would. Thanks!

NAME: Titi Ala'ilima
DATE: 4/8/97 @ 9:12:21

Hey, Bob, a-yow, a-yow, from Bean-town. If you're ever interested in making your way out here, I'd love to do what I can to set up a gig or two.

NAME: Kurt Usedlinger
DATE: 4/9/97 @ 0:19:05

I think Bob is definitely hot. I first heard Bob at the Vineyard back in 1979-80- great testimony and fantastic musical ability on acoustic guitar. I still have my "First Things First" album- I love it.

I think Bob should go back and record that album for CD "unplugged". His consert was the best christian concert I'd attended in 17 years.

Keep going Bob and keep with the content from your heart.

Please tell me how I can aquire Bob's new stuff?

Thanx Kurt

NAME: Thomas Wessel
DATE: 4/9/97 @ 16:56:57

Thanks for the web page. Can you tell me if any accompaniment trax are available for "Man of the Tombs"? Is there a list of trax available?

NAME: Norm Pussehl
DATE: 4/9/97 @ 20:44:10

Played music, worshipped, and enjoyed a meal with you in Camarillo. Your music was awe inspiring. I shouldn't have spent my lesson money on comic books and sodas.... Thank you for inspiring...........

NAME: Craig Pitman
DATE: 4/11/97 @ 19:19:26

NAME: Ted Watson
DATE: 4/11/97 @ 19:40:04

NAME: Jon Wasson
DATE: 4/12/97 @ 23:24:38

I've been touched by Bob's music since his first 2 albums. I'm amazed at how his struggles and attitudes that emerge on the records (sorry....CDs) parallel my life. And "Bright Avenue" came out just as I was enduring my divorce. I listened to it thinking "....yes, yes, yes,'ve hit the nail on the head." I have everything by Bob on CD except Non-fiction (which I have on vinyl). Is too much to hope that it will be on CD someday? Oh well.....Bob's music is music I eagerly share with all my friends, and constantly see a smile and nod of "yep...I know what he means" and frequently see a tear in the eye as well. I need a copy of Small Graces......Keep it up!

NAME: David Linson
DATE: 4/13/97 @ 8:36:31

Enjoyed your autobiography, Bob! I had a Christian song- writing, singing, and guitar-playing friend named Paul Crain who heard you sing and play in the little, white church at Knott's Berry Farm on one of those Christian Music nights. He absolutely raved about how wonderful your music, singing, and guitar playing were. So I decided to check out you web page. It too was very impressive. Have you any audio samples of Bob's music that are accessible via the www? Or should I checked more of you web pages before I asked this question? God bless and keep up the good work!

NAME: Dave Luciew
DATE: 4/14/97 @ 21:56:18

Please tell Bob that we want the release of the Small Graces album. Thanks.

NAME: Chris Wright
DATE: 4/15/97 @ 2:24:29

Hi Jay! Thanks for continuing to serve Bob and us folks who enjoy his music. I can't tell you how bummed I am about his completed project. Isn't there some way we can get it mail- ordered, or secret delivery, something?... As far as the new acoustic project, I'd certainly support it. I've been praying that Bob doesn't get so discouraged with the CCM industry, that he does what Sam (Leslie) Phillips did. I love her new record, don't get me wrong, but it sure seems like she got bitter. Bob has always had an endearing spirit, even with all that he's gone though personally. He's a gifted artist God has used to minister to many a broken heart (including mine), and I would hate to see him leave CCM- only to give the wrong impression of going where he'll be more respected.

NAME: francois mulder
DATE: 4/15/97 @ 7:15:49

Regarding acoustic-vocal recording: Bob

You've sold one already down here - over the web please - please record it, i'll by one for South Africa.

NAME: Paige and David Chase
DATE: 4/15/97 @ 18:11:22

NAME: Mark
DATE: 4/16/97 @ 11:23:16

Thanks for having this webpage. I had no idea Bob was planning on putting out another album, and I was glad to here it. I sent an email letter to Bob some time ago, under the screen name REVMAL. It had a file attached that contained the bulk of the letter. Did he ever get it?? Well, looking forward to hearing new sounds from Bob soon. Many Blessings, Mark

NAME: Angie Hook
DATE: 4/16/97 @ 22:58:54

We saw Bob Bennett play at Belmont church when we lived in Nashville. Both my husband and I commented on what a gifted and talented musician he is. Truly gifted and what a heart for the Lord. We were so shocked when we couldn't find any recent albums by him. Although we do like his vocals on the album "At the Foot of the Cross". We hope to get his new album when it is released. And would love to see an acoustic album!!

NAME: Steve and Linda Osterkamp
DATE: 4/17/97 @ 20:35:53

I've already emailed a note to brightavenue. But, just to reiterate, my husband and I so enjoy Bob's music. I met Steve at church. He was singing a Bob Bennett song. They do sound very much alike!

We find that his work is so uplifting and encouraging even if sometimes sad. It makes you realize just how loving our Lord is, even in hard times.

How can I get more of your work? I have to back order them ! I want them all.

Thanks so much for your heart,

Steve and Linda Osterkamp

NAME: Shannon Cason
DATE: 4/22/97 @ 23:06:00

Please make the acoustic album, make it available over the internet, and tell me how much it costs. I'll buy it. By the way, any word on when Small Graces will be released?

NAME: Allan Dutch
DATE: 4/23/97 @ 21:01:05

Hello, Bob. I'm a Christian composer/arranger of Christian music. Just inquiring to see if you'd care to hear any of my tunes for possible use, or forwarding to other connections. Write when you can. Thanks

NAME: michael kane
DATE: 4/24/97 @ 9:59:12

i wont be buying anymore albums, so he wont here me when he records it.

NAME: michael kane
DATE: 4/24/97 @ 10:06:12

i wont be buying anymore albums, so he wont here me when he records it.

NAME: Tom De Vries
DATE: 4/24/97 @ 13:06:51

NAME: Marcus Van Dorn
DATE: 4/24/97 @ 21:37:21

NAME: James Goodrich
DATE: 4/24/97 @ 21:52:49

Hi Bob, Been a fan for a long time, am also a guitar player and have performed a number of your songs in churches. I consider your work some of the most influential in Christian Music and I have been saddened by the trials and difficultys that you have been through. I still believe that you have a place in CCM today and that we all can benefit from your talents. Please, I would LOVE to get a copy of anything that you record so please drop me a line when it is available.

Thanks Jim

NAME: Tom Rhodes
DATE: 4/25/97 @ 7:09:53

Some of my best memories are of going to hear Bob perform. I lament the fact that his earlier works are no longer available through retail markets. I have searched many places in an attempt to find his earlier recordings but without success. I am excited to hear that Bob is considering doing a new album with some of the songs I've missed. I hope it be offered via mail order as well as at his concerts. Many of my friends are followers of Bob's great music and I am sure they would love to have a copy too. Regards, Tom Rhodes

NAME: Wren Robinson
DATE: 4/28/97 @ 10:10:50

NAME: Brent Meyers
DATE: 4/28/97 @ 22:53:12

I am most impressed and challenged by Bob's work. I have been searching for more information on him, and it is great to find this page. Thanks Jay and Bob

NAME: Joel Lurvey
DATE: 4/29/97 @ 12:13:10

I have been anxiously looking for Bob's latest cd in the stores. Is there any news as to when it will be available? Bob Bennett is among the finest songwriters in Christian music. His songs reflect God's grace and our sinfullness in refreshing, honest ways. I admire his melodies and his musicianship. I am perturbed that the "Christian " music industry has chosen to keep him out of market. It reflects very poorlyon the industry that an admired and respected songwriter and singer is not allowed to let his music be heard. Keep up the good work, Bob. Those of us who respect your work want to hear more from you.

NAME: Mark Ige
DATE: 4/29/97 @ 17:57:33

I found this site via a link through CCM Magazine Online. It was there that I read the interview w/ Bob Bennett originally published last November. I have wondered for YEARS what ever happened to Bob since the release of "Bright Avenue" six years ago. You see, I have been a longtime admirer (as opposed to fan, although I am both!) of Bob's music since I first heard "Matters Of The Heart" in 1982. The long dry spells between his albums has always amazed me. Every release is nothing short of brilliant, and I just can't fathom how someone so good can be so overlooked. I haven't seen Bob perform since around 1990, when he opened for Michael Card at Melodyland in Anaheim, CA. I have since bought "At the Foot of the Cross, Vol. 1" and was so glad to see that though he might not be "marketable" enough for the folks that run the CCM industry, he has at least found company in an enclave of other great artist who I also admire (and who also seem to always wind up being criminally sidelined in the CCM industry - you know, artists like Mark Heard, and the many who have felt the great loss of his passing).

When I read the CCM interview, I felt so sad to see how the trappings of image, marketing and hype can silence so eloquent and articulate a songwriter like Bob Bennett. I was further upset by the fact that insiders who readily attest to his talent are still are unwilling to support his work. Have people who work in CCM and the Christian music listenership really bought into the worldly value that places more importance in style than substance?

I'm joyed to see that Bob is still around. I hope he continues, because what he does musically means so much to me. I hope that these comments, if nothing else, encourages Bob Bennett to keep recording.



Mark Ige