Bob Bennett Guest Book for 6/97

NAME: LeAnn Berrios
DATE: 6/7/97 @ 11:52:23

I'm so glad I found you! It has been so difficult to locate any tapes or CD's lately. I have worn my old ones out. Seriously, Your music has truly ministered to me. When I listen to you, I like to close my eyes and imagine that I'm in heaven. Thank you for your ministry. Please help me find more of your music.

NAME: Wayne Napier
DATE: 6/9/97 @ 12:36:11

Great site! I found it from the link on Dave Hollanworth's new 70s site. This said that First Things First is still on CD. Can I order it from you?

Thanks, Wayne

DATE: 6/12/97 @ 19:35:46

Great page! Great artist! I can't wait for SMALL GRACES!!!!!!

NAME: Daniel Gunther
DATE: 6/24/97 @ 2:21:32

I thoroughly enjoy Bob Bennetts music. I don't have all his recordings, but I'm still collecting. I saw Bob in Virginia on the Michael Card tour shortly after "Man of the Tombs" came out. That is still one of my favorite Christian songs ever written. I came to this page while looking for John Michael Talbot's web sites. Thank you for allowing me to learn more about Bob Bennett. God Bless you, Bob and your ministry. Daniel Gunther

NAME: Ron Bosley
DATE: 6/26/97 @ 6:29:37

Love you stuff Bob. Your ability to express the human condition is a gift.

NAME: Brian Neufeld
DATE: 6/27/97 @ 22:33:39

Glad to have found this page and am looking forward to the new album! Always an inspiration.

NAME: Rod Klinger
DATE: 6/27/97 @ 23:14:51

I'm psyched about the new album, and I'm anxiously awaiting its release. I checked with my local Christian bookstore a while back, and was dismayed that the album had NOT been released.

I followed Bob like a groupie when he was in Chicago a few years ago (1993?), and sat in the audience writing down his tunings and sylizations (okay... so I can't spell, but I CAN write "DADGAD"!). The music was tremendous, and I liked his personal style, sense of humor, & slight cynicism.

NAME: Dan Moore
DATE: 6/28/97 @ 0:00:40

This is not the first time I've visited your site. I've been here many times (hoping to hear of new releases).

Thanks for maintaining this effort.

I'm one who is going through a very protracted "dark night of the soul" and I have been very appreciative of Bob's honest songs of the struggles of the heart. I thank God that his music conveys the Hope that is to be found in our God and Savior, Jesus Christ. May we each learn to live in it!

NAME: Doug
DATE: 6/29/97 @ 11:38:55

A solo acoustic CD sounds wonderful. I'd buy it in an instant.

Bob's music has been a source of inspiration and enjoyment for many years. Without fail, it makes me dwell upon things of the Spirit. His talent and focus are a potent combination.

Bob -- I'm not nearly as good at/with praying as I should be. But those prayers that I can utter are extended for you this day. The Lord bless and keep you and yours.

NAME: Mike Moody
DATE: 6/30/97 @ 16:46:40

Great stuff! Anyone know of Bob having published any song books. I'm interested especially if there are cords and tablature.

NAME: Maury Estabrooks
DATE: 6/30/97 @ 22:44:26

I would be very interested in supporting Bob both in Prayer and in supporting him with the Acoustic album. God Bless!