Bob Bennett Guest Book for 8/97

NAME: Gary Perilloux
DATE: 8/1/97 @ 3:59:11

As an infant Christian in my 20s, I found Bob among a cache of Christian tapes a pastor friend shared with me. After salvation, I consider Bob Bennett's music one of the greatest gifts I've received. He performed with Michael Card in Baton Rouge at the first Christian concert I had the privilege of attending. I marveled at Michael's ability to teach -- no one surpasses him here -- and minister through music. But I marveled just as much at Bob's ability to minister through his humanity. It's been several years since I've seen Bob, but I had the unexpected privilege of seeing him in concert three times in little more than a year in Louisiana -- surely some kind of minor standard. My overriding impression is this: no one in any walk of life has impressed me as much as Bob with a testimony filled with such candor, warmth, humor and compassion. Who else could split your side in "Co-Dependent Love" and sear your heart in "Man of the Tombs" while ministering to you mightily all along the way . I know of no one.

NAME: Billy Brothers
DATE: 8/1/97 @ 9:21:53

As Howie Long said in the movie, "Broken Arrow", "YOU DA MAN!" Seriously folks; this man is one awesome songwriter. If you have the chance GO AND SEE HIM! Keep on pickin'. Peace, Billy B.

NAME: jim stewart
DATE: 8/1/97 @ 20:52:39

NAME: Teresa Ward
DATE: 8/1/97 @ 22:19:39

My then-fiancee/now-husband introduced me to Bob's music over 13 years ago - been a fan ever since. My only regret is that we don't have anything prior to Lord of the Past on CD, and that I've never head Non-Fiction at all! The honesty and vunerability in so many of his songs really makes me think. Lord of the Past came out a time when I was struggling with issues from my own past and the song spoke to me in a way that helped me put things into perspective.

My all time fave work, though, is Mountain Cathedral. This song always makes me think of 2 things: the Blue Ridge mts and the chapel at Callaway Gardens near Columbus, Ga. It remains my favorite in spite of Bob's admission (if I understood the comments correctly) at one of his concerts I attended that he's really not much of an outdoorsy kind of guy. I love the words - but the music on that track is what grabs me. I like to play it very loud...

I've been something of a frustrated fan - I always check for Bob's CD's when we go to a new music store, to rarely find ANYTHING! So I'm delighted to find this web site, and hope to find a source for those coveted CD's.....

But I'm even more thrilled to finally get to opportunity to let Bob know there is yet another person out here in the hinterlands who has been blessed, consoled, and entertained by his music! Please keep recording !!

NAME: John M. Lindsey
DATE: 8/3/97 @ 1:30:51

Bob is great. I've seen him a number of times and always enjoyed it. My brother's band recorded a version of "The Place I am Bound" and it got me interested in his shtuff. Can't get enough.

NAME: Tom LePage
DATE: 8/4/97 @ 3:56:11

How about a forum for people who have extra copies of Bennett Cd's to sell and/or exchange?

NAME: Steve Saville
DATE: 8/4/97 @ 15:58:52

I have been a big Bob Bennett fan since Carpenter Gone Bad. Wasn't that released in the 70's?

NAME: larry w mchenry
DATE: 8/5/97 @ 15:39:33

NAME: Will Scott
DATE: 8/5/97 @ 19:19:56

Bob, Your music has been a blessing to me. Thanks. I really appreciate your honesty and sincerity. I only wish I hadn't loaned my tape of "Lord of the Past" to a friend (He coaches his son's little league team and I thought hearing your "Song About Baseball" might get him thinking differently about God) the only problem is he hasn't returned it and I haven't been able to find it in stores.

God Bless, Will

NAME: Brian Perry
DATE: 8/7/97 @ 0:02:10

It's midnight here in Indy, and I don't have much time to look through the website, but I can tell you I'm glad I found it. Bobs album First Things First, is probably my alltime fave rave christian album. Unfortunately I just loaned it to a friend, and it didn't exactly come back in the same shape I sent it out in. HEEEELLLLLP!!! I can't find the cd anymore !!!

If I may add, I think Bob doing an acoustic cd is a great idea. I love acoustic stuff more than anything. My favorite segmentss at concerts be it christian or other is when the artist comrs on to the stage pulls up a chair and does a solo acoustic set. There is nothing to interfere with the moment. all you here is the artist, and the guitar. That's how it should be.


Brian (wacko60 )

NAME: Norm Kross / Escondido,CA
DATE: 8/10/97 @ 23:28:40


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NAME: Kim Whiddon
DATE: 8/11/97 @ 22:52:37

Bob, This is so neat! I am just learning to use the internet even though my husband has been a "junkie" for quite a while now. I was looking up Christian music and thought I would type in your name since you are my favorite Christian artist and there you were! I live in a small town in rural southeast Georgia. I was first introduced to your music by a friend. The first song I ever heard of yours was "Mountain Catherals" and I have been hooked ever since. My favorite song of yours and probably ever is " You're Welcome Here." If I had to pick one song to describe my life that would be it. I saw you in concert a couple of years ago in Augusta, Georgia with Bruce Carroll and Billy Sprague on the Killer B's tour. It was awesome! My husband even enjoyed it and his favorite group is Pink Floyd. Even though my husband and I don't always see eye to eye on music we do see eye to eye on the important things, like our faith in Christ. That is one reason I enjoy your music so much. There is no doubt that you love Him too! I really appreciate the honesty that you write songs and sing them with. I just wanted to say hello! If someone would have told me that I would be talking with you a week ago, I would have laughed. Maybe it won't be the last time.

NAME: Don & Catherine Collins
DATE: 8/12/97 @ 0:34:12

Hi Bob!

We love you!

Old friends from Coastview - Don & Catherine & Family

NAME: Michael Littfin
DATE: 8/12/97 @ 15:19:51

Bob's music and the message presented is one of the purest, and most thought provoking on todays Christian Music scene. I don't understand why Bob does not get more attention. We had the opportunity to see Bob and Rob Fraser in concert last year and it was fantastic. My wife and I have promoted several concerts here in the Detroit area, including Phil Keaggyand Randy Stonehil, and hope to bring Bob back sometime next year. Blessings and keep the message formost. In Him, Michael Littfin

NAME: Jason Meyer
DATE: 8/12/97 @ 20:25:39

Hey, I'm stoked to find your site! Being from california I've had the priviledge of hearing Bob in concert and meeting Him several times. I'm just dropping a note to say Hi and to encourage you to continue on in your ministry; it has truly been a blessing. Oh yea, I wanted to say I am interested in getting a hold of old Bob Bennett music archives and would be totally hyped if a new recording of the old stuff was done. Go for it! Also, I am currently going to Calvary Chapel in S.E. Portland and understand that Bob has been talking with John Lord (the assistant pastor) about coming up to portland for a concert. Please, keep pushing Him I'd love to see you up here and believe me I'll drag all my friends from Multnomah Bible college. Plus I know that John is a big fan! Anyway, enough said; If you have a mailing list or an e-mail group I'd love to be on it. thanks. Jason

NAME: Stephanie Allyn
DATE: 8/14/97 @ 16:39:27

I was sitting at my computer working away, with headphones on, Walkman running, listening to Bright Avenue, when my HotBot internet search came up with all the requested information . . . and right in the middle, Bob Bennett's concert schedule. Humm. It could have been a number of things. But whatever, it was an unexpected pleasure to read the comments from the heart of a man, Bob Bennet, whose music I greatly admire. I moved TO Irving, Texas a year ago FROM Orange, California, and my sister has lived in Whittier/Hacienda Heights all of her adult life. I've travelled most of Whittier, before and after the quake that demolished Old Town. And, please pass it along to Bob, that he will always be a Bright Avenue for me. I'll be seeing him in November at his Irving concert. Time to get back to work. Much grace and many blessings to you all. Stephanie

NAME: Carl Nelman
DATE: 8/18/97 @ 10:40:07

August 18, 1997 First, Bob B. is my good pal Mark Rosenau's #1 favorite musician, so I told Mark I would find a web site for some concert info (Mark R. not being on-line). I found the concert page, but have a question: Mark had heard that Bob was to be in concert in Simi Valley, perhaps with Phil Keaggy (sp OK??). I did not see that in the schedule, any update you can pass along to us?? Second, a personal invitation for Bob and his friends: several of us (including Mark R.) get together Tuesday evening about 6pm at Messiah Lutheran in Downey (on Paramount at 5th St) for a couple hours of guitar practice (I'm a beginner), then head out to El Atacor (home of the world's best tacos) for some food and fellowship. Third, a friend of ours (Mark Mathew) who sings and writes Christian music could use some encouragement, the Tuesday evening get-together would be a place to meet Mark M.

God's Peace, Carl Nelman

NAME: Lloyd Lyles
DATE: 8/18/97 @ 20:46:51

Hi! From 1992 to 1996 I worked at WAVA-FM, Washington, DC. In the early years we played several Bob Bennett songs, heard him interviewed on CCM Countdown, but then I lost you. Have you been touring? Is your music still on the air? Do you have any new material? I am now the AM Drive announcer at the New 91.9 Positive Life Radio, Takoma Park, MD (Washington)...send me music/I'll try to air it/come on my show!! address: Lloyd Lyles/WGTS-FM/7600 Flower Ave/Takoma Park, MD/20912 Visit our website at


NAME: Brian Pantle
DATE: 8/20/97 @ 1:55:17

I just found this site after Bob informed me of it's existence. I think it is about time that some one of Bob's caliber got a site together when there is so much drivel out there.

NAME: Bryan Cobb
DATE: 8/20/97 @ 16:08:34

Thanks for maintaining this Web site. I've been a long-time Bob Bennett fan (I have First Things First in vinyl, and remember a song about "the trinity" from an older Maranatha! collection), and it's nice to see that (a) he hasn't been forgotten, and (b) he's still making music.

NAME: Greg Gewickey
DATE: 8/21/97 @ 11:12:03

I've loved Bob's music since I first heard it in the early 80s. Hoping Bob doesn't mind, I've sung "Carpenter Gone Bad" many times and "My Redeemer Lives" for many a Resurrection Day morning.

I'm very glad to see he is "Still Alive" and kicking serving our King!

NAME: Mark Hicks
DATE: 8/22/97 @ 15:56:13

Would like to find a copy of Matters of the Heart. Was it ever put on CD? I was a DJ at a Christian station in Tulsa some time ago. I miss Bob's music and I'm trusting God to restore it to my soul.

NAME: John M. Lindsey
DATE: 8/27/97 @ 0:24:42

glad to be here. can't wait for the new album

NAME: D Burleson
DATE: 8/27/97 @ 23:02:07

NAME: Paul Rinkel
DATE: 8/28/97 @ 16:10:25

Hello there! I was looking for others with the name Rinkel and found your site. Please visit our homepage at

Kind Regards!

NAME: Terry Phillips
DATE: 8/30/97 @ 0:00:16

Hey Bob, remember me? We had the "oldies" chat live on the air a few months back. I enjoyed our time then, and my time now in your homepage. And I've even forgiven you for not getting back to me about Dan Rupple (almost anyway). Take care, and looking forward to the new album!