Bob Bennett Guest Book for 9/97

NAME: Forrest Christian
DATE: 9/2/97 @ 10:27:51

Now in Europe, I appreciate y'all's time in the site. Thanks.

NAME: Tim Hunlock
DATE: 9/2/97 @ 17:06:22

I heard you on RUSH! I'm glad God is using you and your music to reach the unsaved world. Continued success and God's richest blessings.

NAME: Beth Pearson
DATE: 9/3/97 @ 1:29:16

This is the first time I have read this Bob Bennett page. As I read the page, I remembered that entertainers such as musicians can perform at my workplace, Joe Muggs Cafe. When people perform at Joe Muggs Cafe, they get tips from the crowd and free drinks. I was interested in knowing weather Bob Bennett would perform at Joe Muggs one night. If he would be willing to perform at Joe Muggs, I would list his name and contact number in a journal at work for my manager to see and respond to. Also, if Bob is willing to perform at Joe Muggs Cafe, then I think it would be a good idea for Jay Rinkle to play music at Joe Muggs the same night. You two could possibly work out something where one of you could be an opening act and the other could be the finally. This is just an idea for you two to consider. I would like to know what you two think of this idea.

NAME: jeff haught
DATE: 9/5/97 @ 18:52:50

6o8 vermonmt ave faimont wv 26554 I LOve Your music and have turned many friends on to it . can't seem to buy your cd's any where"help" we want more Bob Bennett stuff

NAME: Bob Guffey
DATE: 9/8/97 @ 20:38:08

Bob's music was "instrumental" in helping me work through a difficult passage in my ministerial career during the early '80s. "Matters of the Heart" still speaks to me with clarity and strength!

(Please send me booking information if you've got it!)

NAME: Bob Mosteller
DATE: 9/12/97 @ 21:08:40


Any plans to come back to Akron, Ohio sometime in the next year? I hope so!

How's that Ryan guitar holding up?

Hope to hear from you.

Kevin's cousin Bobby

NAME: Peter Eason
DATE: 9/15/97 @ 1:35:49

What can I say? The Lord Jesus has used the life and music of Bob Bennett to touch me in a profound way. Songs like " Hope like a stranger " and many others still move me after repeated listens over the years. God bless you, Bob, I very much look forward to your New Release " Small Graces ". I'd love to someday have the pleasure of meeting you and discussing the joy's and sorrow's of this gift of grace called Life!!

P.S>: I'm not sure that this will interest you but I am a Salvation Army Officer ( Pastor ) serving , along with my wife Karen and our 5 children, in Whitehorse , Yukon, Canada ( right next to Alaska ). We have a Church, a Soup Kitchen, a Thrift Store ,a Food Bank , and also a Halfway House Correctional facility here in the City ( Population approx. 21,500 ) We also are hoping to open an Emergency Shelter for Men, Women, and Children in the New Year of '98. I have often found myself singing the words to your Song " Unto the least of these " ( to myself of course!! ) while greeting people at the Soup Kitchen. Maybe someday ( the Lord willing ) we could work something out to have you come up here to do a Concert!! Anyway, I didn't intend to turn this into a novel so I'll sign off, Thanks for the opportunity to get in touch with you like this- it's really neat!!

Love and Peace in Christ, your brother Peter E.

NAME: Andy Parker
DATE: 9/16/97 @ 9:44:40

I'm quite fond of Bob's music. In particular, Man of the Tombs is one of the most moving songs I know of. It is a perfect amalgamation of the details revealed in each of the Gospels, ending with the personal application.

DATE: 9/17/97 @ 22:33:49

Bob, I have listened to your music for many years. Decades? Saw you in concert in Washington DC years ago with some friends who had a group called Traveller's Crossroads. Of all the albums in my personal collection, yours are some of the most important to me. When I first heard you version of "I know that My Redeemer Lives" I was moved to worship and praise. I've tried to keep in touch with your music and just discovered your web page. Your music's honesty, spirituality and artistic integrity are a real blessing to me. A few years ago I had the privilege of hearing you as part of a Michael Card concert in South Bend Indiana; it was an excellent evening of music and ministry. As an old (forty-something) guitarist wanna-be I have even tried to learn a few of your songs... couldn't you have made some of them a little less difficult! Again I want to thank you for your music and your ministry. I am delighted to hear that you are in the process of releasing a new album... the more acoustic or "live" the better as far as I am concerned. Looking forward to its release. By the way I teach at a Christian high school and have several times used the song "No Such Thing as Divorce" for my marriage and family classes. It has touched our minds and our hearts. Thanks again. May God continue to bless you and use you to enrich many more lives. Peace and Prayers. Glenn

P.S. - This message is for Bob and I would prefer that my name and email address not be posted to be viewed by others at this site. Feel free to use the comments if you wish.

P.S.S. - Is there any printed music or tabs available of Bob's music?

NAME: Jeff Fisher
DATE: 9/18/97 @ 1:12:49

Bob--Jay, Thanks for the opportunity! I've followed and been blessed by Bob's music since a college roommate led me to the Lord and introduced me to Second Chapter, Benny Hester, Don Fran- cisco and of course Bob Bennett.

While a youth director in Iowa in 1983, it was my turn to "pass it on". He enjoyed that LP of "Matters" but to be honest, I was real glad to find a CD of the same years later.

Favorites: Mountain Cathedral, 1951, Baseball and all of "First Things First".

Ever thought of performing at Red Rocks Ampitheater--Denver? or "Hills Alive" in the South Dakota Black Hills? Radio Station KSLT (K-SALT) Kerry Dean Lebelt-webmaster/program manager would be a contact person. (Spearfish, SD)

As a music teacher and one that now works with male state wards, I both appreciate your technique, quality, skills and your willingness to be a vessal for the Lord! You minister to many and I am but one that has received healing and min- istry because you have been willing and obedient to His Will. Thank you.

If and when you are led to record the A/V album, will it be LIVE or studio recording only?

Thanks for reading this--



NAME: Keith C. Strimple
DATE: 9/18/97 @ 7:43:23

Upon my divorce of June 11, 1997, I have been seeing a Christian counselor to help me through the trials of missing my children, etc. My counselor let me borrow his Bob Bennett "Songs from Bright Avenue" compact disk. It was fantastic, and hit home. I'd like to find out how I can get a copy for myself.... I've been told the album is out of production. I'd also like to hear Bob's latest work to see where he is "at" now.... I'm following his path and his music is a wonderful testimony.

NAME: Jon Wasson
DATE: 9/18/97 @ 21:51:52

I would absolutely be interested in any recordng that would be available through the internet or any other way!

NAME: Derek W. Bennett
DATE: 9/19/97 @ 14:26:02

G'day, Just like to let you know I love Bob's songs, but difficult to get here in Aussie.

God bless

Derek W. Bennett Melbourne Australia

NAME: Michael P. Murphy
DATE: 9/20/97 @ 1:46:07

As a multi-decade Bob fan and new computer user I suspect I may have some stuff to contribute to this page. Just as soon as I figure out how to operate this silly thing!!

NAME: Chuck Hoyt
DATE: 9/22/97 @ 0:12:10

This site is really great! I like all types of music, but from the first time I heard Bob, I knew that I had to have more. The Lord has really used him to speak to all of us, the saved and the lost, in real words in our real world with all of its joys and disappointments, hopes and fears. Put all that together with his musical talents and what you have is a man with a wonderful ability to reach deep into a soul or heart with the healing spirit of God. I regret that his music from years past is not that easy to attain but what albums and cd's I do have, I'm thankful for. I saw Bob in concert in Bakersfield and just couldn't believe I had the good fortune to see him live, he really ministered to the crowd. God bless you Bob, don't ever get discouraged by what some record company says, God is using you to touch many lives and that is what will last! Matthew 5:16 Your Brother in Christ, Chuck Hoyt

NAME: Ann Noell
DATE: 9/22/97 @ 18:50:33

Wonderful, well-done site on one of my favorite artists. It's so great that Bob Bennett fans surfing the Web now have a clearinghouse for info about this terrific artist. And it's a great way to get those who are not familiar with Bob hooked on him too!! Thanks to your comprehensive concert listings, I hope to be able to see Bob in early October when he comes to a church in the Atlanta area. Thanks for the great effort!!!

NAME: Tim English
DATE: 9/23/97 @ 8:29:49

Holy Cow! An acoustic album from Bob Bennett? I would pay dearly for it!!! I don't want to flatter Bob for the sake of flattery - but he is such a talented musician, and it's GREAT to see him making music again. You have to ask, "what's wrong with this picture" when such a talent has trouble getting signed to a lable?" NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, I will always have the highest respect for Bob. I won't put him on a pedestal, but I will support and encourage in any way that I can. I will begin trying to make contacts here in Birmingham for a concert. Although I'm new to this area, I've seen Bob many times while I was living in the San Gabriel Valley. Bob, I know there have been many obstacles thrown your way - but I personally hope you never stop making music. What you can do with a guitar is just incredible. You have been through so much in your life - and your experience can only help you to identify with and minister to God's people. And although some of "God's people" may have been the ones to "stab you in the back," I hope you can rise above the hypocrisy and love them back. You are truly one-of-a-kind, and I am definitely a better person because of your music. Blessings to you, and know that you are being prayed for!

Tim English

NAME: Robert Durbin
DATE: 9/24/97 @ 16:27:41

Glad I found this page--been a long time fan, but had not heard anything since 'bright avenue'.

NAME: Lawrence E. Henry
DATE: 9/24/97 @ 17:48:03

Bob, Don't be discouraged by lack of viabable record companies contracts. There is an underground of Christians out here don't have much use for MOST churches or that "Airhead" music on the local CCM radio stations. We go to coffee houses to hear REAL music; the kind you do. We are the ones with Mark Heard, Larry Norman, Rich Mullins, AND Bob Bennett in our CD collections. Bless you Bob for music from the Heart and not the pocket book. I met you at Union Station in Indianapolis in 1994. Big fat guy with a beard and glasses: look sorta like you...({;-) Looking foward to that new cd..Love you in the Lord Brother......Larry H.

NAME: Paul Barrieau
DATE: 9/26/97 @ 9:21:51

I've been listening to Bob since early 1983. I will buy anything Bob produces.

Question: Is the Albie Pearson Bob is pictured with on the inside sleeve of "Matters of the Heart" the same Albie Pearson that is pastor of church attended by Kelley Willard (another favorite of mine)?

And how did Bob ever hitch up with Pirce Pettis (yet another favorite of mine)?

I have a picture of Bob with me and my children after the Waterville Maine concert in 1992 or 3?

If I ever had any pieces of advise for Bob, its: continue to break the rules and do what you love and the money will just follow.

"Come and See" is still one of my favorites. Its so simple.

What is that incredible chord Bob starts of with on "Singing for my Life"? (probably in the top 3 of all time favorites - depending on mood - should be required listening for entertainers)

I can picture Bruce's mouth full of steak. Who's hacking in the background?

Bob, I haven't heard your "small graces" ALBUM yet, but you must, MUST pick up any book written by ROY HESSION (We would see Jesus - or - When I Saw Him). Nobody nails down grace like ROY. Set me free, man.

Finally, if anybody says they have a handle on what God is really doing, they are full of themselves. We can't comprehend His creation at any depth, how can we say we really know what He is doing or going to do. The best thing to do is to know when the Spirit moves and go with Him.

NAME: Jack Taylor
DATE: 9/26/97 @ 13:31:07

Thanks for this site. I had kind of lost touch on what has been one of my all time favorite artists.

DATE: 9/26/97 @ 14:45:13


NAME: Andrews Weaver & Ogle
DATE: 9/27/97 @ 13:48:57

From 2 faithful fans in the UK :- keep up the good work!

NAME: Rick Brown
DATE: 9/28/97 @ 0:07:38

I love the Bright Avenue album. It is increasingly hard to find truly thought-provoking lyrics in today's world of music. Bob Bennett's music speaks volumes in each song.

NAME: Frances Conner
DATE: 9/28/97 @ 0:24:02

DATE: 9/28/97 @ 2:40:02

I've been a fan of Bobs since I first heard "Carpenter gone bad". I cant believe such a talented songwriter/singer/guitar player, cant get a break in Christian Music. Hopefully with Covenant Artists behind him he'll get more exposure, and more people will come to know the outstanding lyrical and musical quality of his music.Don't give up Bob!!!

NAME: Chandy John
DATE: 9/28/97 @ 21:33:56

Bobıs music has been a blessing to me since I first heard ³Youıre Welcome Here² on a Cynthia Clawson album. I thought, ³Wow, honesty and vulnerability on a Christian music album!² The song so captured the way I sometimes feel that I looked up the songwriter, and tried (unsuccessfully) to find the song at my Christian bookstore. It was several years later that I found Bobıs ³Lord of the Past² cassette, and I have almost worn it out from listening to it. I desperately hope this will be reissued on CD.

I heard Bob in concert in Michigan. It was one of the best concerts Iıve been to, just Bob and his guitar and a small audience that really appreciate his work.

Canıt wait for ³Small Graces²!

Chandy John

NAME: Mike Cannon
DATE: 9/30/97 @ 0:21:13

I really enjoy Bob's music and hope to see him next time he comes to Las Vegas.