Bob Bennett Guest Book for 10/97

NAME: Patrick Hanly
DATE: 10/1/97 @ 12:52:42

I'm very happy to hear Bob has a new CD on the way. I will purchase it immediately!

DATE: 10/1/97 @ 22:46:41

I am a long time fan and guitarist who has spent many eons attempting to play his songs. He is one of the most gifted guitarists and songwriters around. I am glad to hear he has a new album coming out.

Monte Moore Amarillo,TX

NAME: Leigh Ann Lenke
DATE: 10/4/97 @ 0:55:19

Would love to email Mr. Bennett. Is there an email address available?


NAME: Cynthia Wright
DATE: 10/6/97 @ 4:36:54


Just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with your page. I've been a Bob Bennett fan since I saw him in Sacramento, CA when he toured with Michael Card. Of course I went there to see Michael, but Bob was so incredible! My friends and I all fell in love with his music style, and I fell in love with him!! Bob, you are a master with the guitar, I love your music. I am planning my own page dedicated to Bob, I found this page, looking for pictures to use. I'll e-mail you guys later with my address and maybe you will give me a link??? Thanks for the page, and Bob Thanks for the music Cindy Wright

NAME: Todd Turner
DATE: 10/6/97 @ 15:33:48

Bob's music has always been very special to me. When my cd's were stolen recently, I replaced two artists immediately: Bob Bennett and Randy Stonehill. Unfortunately, I can't find Lord of the Past: A Compilation. But, it is great to have Bright Ave. again. I am in the process of a divorce and the words hit home more than ever before. Honesty like his is rare and greatly appreciated.

NAME: Jim and Julie Preble
DATE: 10/7/97 @ 13:31:57

WE LOVE BOB BENNET'S MUSIC!!! I have been a fan for years and got my wife addicted while we were dating. Now she claims to be a " Bigger" fan. Anyway, we really appreciate The Insightful lyrics and BOB, WE ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE "BRIGHT AVENUE" Album. It is a MASTERPIECE. DOn't let anyone tell you otherwise! Each song on that cd ministered to us greatly... We really love your stuff and look for it at any place that sells music.. If they don't have it, we tell them they should carry it. Glad to hear about "Small Graces" ! Have heard rumors about it for a long time and have been eagerly anticipating it's release! Peace and Love in Christ Jesus!

NAME: Ingrid Burbey
DATE: 10/10/97 @ 9:03:30

I don't know why Bob Bennett isn't selling more CDs!! He's my absolute favorite. For the past several years, whenever circumstances seem to overwhelm, I hope in my husband's car (with the smooth ride and nice stereo system) and I crank the volume. I play 'In the Middle of this Madness I am Dancing" to put the right perspective on my part in the circumstances that surround me. And then I play "Savior of the World" to get a true perspective.

I've seen Bob at a couple of concerts in Carson City and Reno, Nevada, and I'd love to see him again or buy any new CDs. Bob, will you ever make it out to the Southwestern Virginia area????

NAME: Mike Murphy
DATE: 10/10/97 @ 15:10:04

I heard Bob's music on wyll and the Dick Stob show. best music I have ever heard. Where can I by this music in Chicago??

NAME: Celeste
DATE: 10/10/97 @ 18:59:33

I am a HUGE fan of yours! ....and I like your music, too!

NAME: Doug and Jen Oxford
DATE: 10/13/97 @ 11:45:12

Bob is one of the finest song writers around. Matters of the heart is one of the best produced Christian albums ever. My wife and I want to see him live in concert. This would be a great blessing! Does he ever come to Michigan (or the Michigan area)? I would love to meet him. I am a song writer and singer and would love to open up for him some time!!!! He has been my favorite for some time now.

NAME: Craig Hedges
DATE: 10/13/97 @ 19:36:06

Thanks for the Web page. Bob deserves more than he is getting from the Christian music industry. It helps to find out what is going on for him from a source which doesn't block him out. God has given him such talent, it's a shame to waste it.

NAME: Carl Nelman
DATE: 10/14/97 @ 18:24:51

Tuesday October 14th Bob, You are my friend Mark Rosenau's favorite singer/songwriter. He doesn't have e-mail access so I'm passing this along for him. As for myself, here is my personal invitation: I and a couple of friends get together most every Tuesday night at Messiah Lutheran Church in Downey (Paramount at 5th St) for some guitar playing and fellowship, and I would like to invite you to join with us to play and sing and practice the musical skills the Lord has given to us. Carl Nelman

NAME: John DeLaurentis
DATE: 10/14/97 @ 18:27:28

Bob Bennett is one of Christian music's finest artists. I'm still anticipating a CD reissue of his "Non-Fiction" album. I have all of his releases.

NAME: Jim Difino
DATE: 10/15/97 @ 15:08:16

Hello, Jay...

Thanks for the website. I've been checking it out for months and have been a Bennett fan for twelve years. Keep up the good work.


NAME: Mark Smith
DATE: 10/16/97 @ 20:51:47

I've been a fan of Bob's since before he made "First Things First." I saw him on what I think was a locally produced television program in Dallas many years ago. what caught my attention as I was turning through the channels was the incredibly pure sounds of his guitar stylings and 'painterly' lyrics of "Night Shift." I was fascinated and even more enthusiastic when I discovered that he too was a believer. I've performed a number of his tunes at various coffee houses in the Dallas area as part of my extended music ministry. His songs are real 'crowd pleasers' and never fail to minister to someone. I sang 'You're Welcome Here' at a prison In Bonham, Texas this year and it was very encouraging to the prisoners there. Thank you for your music and the transparency of your heart. Looking forward to seeing Bob in Dallas on November the 8th at irving Bible Church.

Your Servant, Mark W. Smith

NAME: David Butler
DATE: 10/17/97 @ 9:34:16

I am presently trying to acquire Bob Bennett albums and songbooks. I lost all of mine to a tornado in May of this year.

NAME: Michael Littfin
DATE: 10/19/97 @ 20:04:56

I have and addition to you concert listing. We have just added Bob as the Special Guest (opening act) with Phil Keaggy at our Thanksgiving concer. Date: November 25, 1997. Location: Macomb Center for the Performing Arts 44575 Garfield Road Clinton Twp. MI (northern suberb of Detroit) Time: 7:30 pm Ticket price: $15.00 Concert Info: Mike or Val Littfin 810-798-3859 Group rates available. If you have any questions, call or email ph. 810-798-3859 Thanks for the listing. Mike Littfin

NAME: Debbie Hambright
DATE: 10/19/97 @ 23:48:14

Dear Bob, For many years I have clung to the words God has given you to set to music. I realize after reading the other posts just how spoiled I have been over the years to be able to attend so very many concerts you have done. Each is a blessing greater than the last. Thank you for remaining sensitive to the work of the Spirit in your life, Bob. I look so forward to the release of a new CD.

God Richly Bless You! Debbie

NAME: Tom Senor
DATE: 10/20/97 @ 12:02:04

I'm very happy to hear of near release of *Small Graces.* You'll sell at least on copy in Fayetteville, Arkansas!

NAME: Bob Willink
DATE: 10/21/97 @ 20:51:37

What a wonderful surprise to find this website and some information on the new album that I read about last year. I attended a concert at our church here in Plano, TX, a couple of years ago and became an instant fan. I bought most every album that Bob had with him and have been looking forward to new material ever since. Thanks to Jay for this faithful effort, and God Bless Bob through this new album!

NAME: Gary Slavens
DATE: 10/23/97 @ 8:57:16

NAME: Paul Schanbacher
DATE: 10/23/97 @ 10:09:10

First visit and I'm glad to know you're here. I got your web address via the Spirit mailing list.

I'll be back!

NAME: Nathan Jackson
DATE: 10/24/97 @ 18:46:04

This site has really been expanded! Last time I was here there wasn't this much. I like it.

NAME: MarK P. Britt M.D.
DATE: 10/27/97 @ 22:44:41

Bob Bennett reminds me of people like Michael Card, Rich Mullins, Steven Curtis Chapman. I miss his music and wish I could hear more. Lyrics like his take time and thought and in the long run are well worth the effort to the body of Jesus.

NAME: Kellenbergers
DATE: 10/27/97 @ 23:17:08

Long-time fans from Irving (Bible Church),TX. We've listened to Bright Avenue and Compilation so long and much that the CD's are skipping. Yours Alone was our wedding song. Thanks for real music.

NAME: Dwayne Barker
DATE: 10/30/97 @ 0:19:02

Bob was performing here in Rockford, Il. tonight (10/29/97) and per his usual performance, blew the people away with his wit great vocals and unbelieveable guitar work. I can never get enough of his basic blend of vocal and guitar, with a pure and normally pointed message, he blesses me again and again. Keep on playing and singing for the Lord brother. God Bless You!!!

NAME: Don Germain
DATE: 10/30/97 @ 14:31:47

I've always related to his music over the years. It's a blend that causes one to search his come to grips with who he is in Christ.....Don

NAME: Debbie Eiden
DATE: 10/30/97 @ 15:16:46

I've always been a huge fan of Bob's music - especially when I was a young Christian .My all time favorites are The Baseball song - it really ministers the Father Heart of God and Lord of the Past - excellent lyrics. I'm thrilled he is coming out with a new album.

NAME: Ralph Wakeman
DATE: 10/30/97 @ 17:04:07

Your Album First Things First was the first Contemporary Christinan Record I every bought and is still my favorite. Thanks.