Bob Bennett Guest Book for 11/97

NAME: David W. Cole
DATE: 11/1/97 @ 22:45:02

I just left the Bob Bennett concert in a coffee house in Travelers Rest, S. C. I asked him (Bob) about a copy of his "Matters of the Heart" project. HE informed me that they are out of print. You wouldn't happen to have one around you'd like to part with? Anyway, great concert! His voice and music are so soothing and you can hear the peace of God Himself in his music. Keep running the race and fixing your eyes on Jesus. David

NAME: micah humphreys
DATE: 11/3/97 @ 22:41:02

thanks for the page!!

NAME: Kevin Zumbaum
DATE: 11/4/97 @ 21:34:57

Hurray, more bob bennett fans. I have all of bob's albums, but I have worn them out a great deal I have checked into updating my collection to cd's but the only one available that I have found so far is Bright Ave. Any ideas? Thanks

NAME: James Goodrich
DATE: 11/4/97 @ 22:59:07

looking forward to "small graces"

NAME: Jason
DATE: 11/8/97 @ 3:04:09

Great page. I used to work at a little AM station and that is where I first encountered your music. Looking back it changed me tons. I remember hearing the songs you had in our rotation, as well as Michael Card's, and thinking (as a high schooler, mind you) that there was something different to it. I know now that it isn't the fluff that so many cram into a synthisized dittie. Thanks for your role in my spiritual journey. I am re-encountering your music with a realization of talent and blessing. Also, I am thinking about trying to catch your concert tomorrow in Irving. I just discovered this page. Keep up the good work of encouragement and relating.


NAME: Joni Halpin
DATE: 11/8/97 @ 22:41:23

Just saw Bob tonight in concert at Irving Bible Church. He gets better and better everytime I hear him. It was SOOO good to hear him sing live again. :)

NAME: Jeff & Sally Fowler
DATE: 11/8/97 @ 23:24:11

Just got home after spending an evening with Bob at Irving Bible Church here in Texas. God has gifted him with a great talent, and we pray for his continued success. This was by far one of the best concerts we have ever attended, and in our 20 years as followers of Christ, we have been to a few...

Thank you Bob, and God Bless You.

NAME: Jeff & Sally Fowler
DATE: 11/8/97 @ 23:24:50

Just got home after spending an evening with Bob at Irving Bible Church here in Texas. God has gifted him with a great talent, and we pray for his continued success. This was by far one of the best concerts we have ever attended, and in our 20 years as followers of Christ, we have been to a few...

Thank you Bob, and God Bless You.

NAME: Bill & Mary Cureton
DATE: 11/9/97 @ 17:35:14

Just saw Bob in concert last nite (Sat. Nov. 9) in Irving, Tx, He was grreat! We just look at each other in awe (My husband & myself) at his talent in both voice & guitar. I got a real kick out of Tom Dooley's enthusiasm during one of Bob's songs. Tom just couldn't contain himself and he got Bob so tickled on stage he almost lost his place in the song! It was so relaxed, and fun we just love Bob's relaxed attitude, it set the pace for a fun relaxing evening of great music. The last time I saw Bob was in Ft. Worth, almost six years ago, when I was the Area Co-ordinator for Compassion Int'l. and was there early to meet Bob. I was a real site because I was very very pregnant. Tom Dooley was there and during the close of the concert Bob was doing his Compassion Int'l plug and forgot my name, he asked me to stand up for every one to see who I was, and Tom yelled out over the crowd "It's Mary!! Her name is Mary!!" It was kinda funny. Well sorry I was long winded, God bless all of ya'll fro m Texas!!

P.S. Bob, I'm glad you are no longer mad at Texas, we love ya!!

Mary Cureton

NAME: Steve Yetter
DATE: 11/9/97 @ 22:35:12

olde fan

NAME: linda gauthier
DATE: 11/11/97 @ 19:21:10

good evening from texas! i attended the concert at irving bible church. wow!!!!!! i have been listening to bob since about 82. this is the first time i got to see him "live" i commute to work an hour and half each morning, bob is there! it's like he knows everthing i have been through in my life! i'm the tearful "ex-wiccan" that give her heart to jesus

NAME: Joel Lurvey
DATE: 11/12/97 @ 14:37:27

I tried to get Small Graces into the Mpls StarTribune for review. The woman was very nice, but said she would not be able to do a review, unless bob were to come to town, then she could do an interview. I received an advanced copy of the album. It is good. I am buying 5 copies for gifts.

NAME: Bryan Hartman
DATE: 11/13/97 @ 17:32:25

I'm diggin' this web site, Jay! Bob is one of the most underrated artists in the entire industry! I am a HUGE fan of his stuff (especially "Non-Fiction"), and I wish that WHATEVER record co. controls those masters (First things first thru Bright Ave)would sell them back to Bob so he could re-release them (sell 'em at shows, etc.). What can we do? The thought of those masters collecting dust in a storage room makes me mad! Lets do something!! Give Bob his music back, CBS and Urgent!! PLEASE???!!!!!

Keep on truckin, Bob. Play more NON-FICTION at shows!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

NAME: Carl Nelman
DATE: 11/14/97 @ 13:20:07

November 14, 1997 Still hoping Bob will join us for some guitar playing and fellowship at Messiah Lutheran Church in Downey (on Paramount Blvd at 5th St.), Tuesday evenings, 6pm.

Carl Nelman

NAME: Tim Bennett
DATE: 11/17/97 @ 9:08:26

Hi Jay--I'm learning more about computers at a teacher in-service today (Monday 11/18) and I wanted to look at Bob's home page. He's my older brother, so this has been a lot of fun. I'm one of Bob's biggest fans in addition to being a relative and this is great. I'm a Spanish teacher in Arkansas (Newark) in a small town two hours from Memphis and Little Rock. I'd like to tell you something about Bob that many people don't see. Although I don't see Bob very often, I'm proud of him being such a good Dad. He loves his kids very much and I have a lot of respect for him as well. One story--Back in '78 I think, Bobby called me on the telephone and started our phone conversation with the question, "What's the greatest thing that could ever happen to me?" Although I had been praying for him for awhile, I didn't guess that first! I told him that I guess he got a good record deal. Being his little brother, I knew Bob pretty well up until he was 18, and in his single, BC days he was qu ite the party animal apparently. When he told me he met Jesus, boy, was I jazzed. Our family has never been a Norman Rockwell painting, but over the years I have admired Bob so much. I still ask him big brother advice here and there, but the main thing is I'm such a fan of his music and especially his lyrics. He is a poet of the first order. My favorite song from Small Graces is "Christ the Apple Tree" (I love the way he does old hymns--I want him to do "Be Thou My Vision" and of course "Lone Star State." Of all time? It's too hard, but I guess "You're Welcome Here" "1951," "Come and See,", oh well I give up.(He does some beautiful work on "Christmas in Our Time" the old Urgent Records Christmas album. Take care Jay and thanks for the site.

NAME: Eric Miller
DATE: 11/18/97 @ 17:19:01

Three weeks ago I was driving down the highway listening to "Lord of the Past," and I thought, for the zillionth time, that the inability of Bob Bennett to sell records is, along with Mark Heard's similar problem during his years in the industry, the greatest tragedy in the history of Christian music. The next week I was leafing through a recent CCM when I spied the ad for "Small Graces"! To say I rejoiced would be vile understatement! Bob Bennett is sui generis, almost alone in his ability (and willingness) to sing about the reality of pain and its interplay with his belief in a God of love. The fact that Bennett is so unusual in this regard is the most damning of evidence that the world of CCM is woefully out of touch with the needs and desires of scores of believers who long for an authentic human AND Christian voice. After five years I am still mourning the death of Mark Heard, but the continued work of Bob Bennett gives me hope--hope first of all that I am not alone, and tha t "Christian" music may yet emerge with vigor from the prisonhouse of the market-shackled CCM industry.

NAME: andrew thomas
DATE: 11/19/97 @ 9:46:31

The day I was introduced to Bob Bennett's works, for me, was a good day. "Man of the Tombs," is still my favorite song, and I think it always will be. I am so glad, that he has a new album out, I was dying to find out what was going on in the next chapter of his life, and this latest recording told me. His honesty is refreashing, and his willingness to be human, endears him to me. Incidentaly. its Jesus' humaness that endears him to me, not so much that he is God, but that he lived as a man like me.

NAME: Stevie Winbigler
DATE: 11/19/97 @ 13:16:35

I just received my copy of "Small Graces." I have waited forever, it seems, for the honest sensitivity and vulner- ability of Bob's new release. I have read of his difficulties in finding a company willing to release his latest work. I would like to encourage Bob to keep pursuing God through his music. It's meant a great deal to me. He sings what I feel.

NAME: donna berryhill
DATE: 11/21/97 @ 2:00:36

Just wanted to say i LOVE Small Graces....i have only had it two days and have listened to it at least a million times already But seriously, when i first moved up here from los angeles, they guy at the local CBS wasn't really familiar with Bob's music....i convinced him to take Bright Ave. home and give it a listen....i knew that once he did, i would not have trouble getting him to be sure and order Small Graces when it was released. Yesterday i asked them to be sure and play it over the store's sound system :) ...see, i want everyone to be as blessed as i am by Bob's music! You've done it again Bob! Thank you SOOOOO much! i love ya, donna <"from L.A." /now in northern cal> <><

NAME: Eileen Fisher
DATE: 11/21/97 @ 19:47:24

Bob Bennet's music is filled with messages for today from the heart of God. It's so honest, passionate and simple. His ability to put lovely music to words that really make listeners do a double take. We can all see ourselves in those songs...thanks Bob.

NAME: Patrick Conway
DATE: 11/22/97 @ 6:58:25

NAME: Bob Chambers
DATE: 11/22/97 @ 9:32:52

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and I'm in my basement office where I just wrapped up work on the Sunday School lesson I'll be giving tomorrow. Small Graces has played in the background. It's about the fifth listen through since I received it yesterday. As it's the Sunday before thanksgiving, my lesson is on all the teachings about giving thanks that are in the Bible. And right now I'm giving thanks for this beautiful Saturday morning and for the Small Graces that helped inspire me.

My wife and I were especially blessed by the opportunity to see Bob at the Ground For Faith coffee house in Travelers Rest, SC last month. That was a very special evening.

NAME: Chris Angeline
DATE: 11/22/97 @ 16:24:56

It's nice to hear that Bob has a new album out now. I have missed the gentle healing that Bob's albums possess. I'm looking forward to picking up a copy of Small Graces at some point. I remember exchanging e-mails with Bob over Prodigy about a year ago. Bob, if you're reading this now, I hope that you are doing well! Please continue to do this music thing. Pleeeeeease? Take care and God bless!

Chris Angeline

NAME: Phil Madeira
DATE: 11/23/97 @ 14:15:33

Bob's work continues to impress and impact me. The advent of Christian Music as a business, and it's subsequent demise from being art and worship oriented to becoming commerce-minded is sad. Bob has certainly weathered this circumstance for some time. Keep at it! I'm proud to have co-written "Our Co-Dependent Love" and to have played on "Bright Avenue". Cheers, Phil Madeira

NAME: Daniel Lucas
DATE: 11/23/97 @ 14:41:21

Great concert in Montreat! I got Bright Ave and Small Graces -- are the previous releases available? Where can I get them. Thanks. DL

NAME: keith farrell
DATE: 11/23/97 @ 16:48:16

NAME: keith farrell
DATE: 11/23/97 @ 16:53:59

I saw Bob with Michael Card at a concert in Manchester, NH about 6 years ago. Although I am MC fan, I couldn't hear enough of Bob's songs. I think the highlight of the evening happened when he and Michael sang "Jubilee" together. Just a thought, "Man of the tombs" is an outstanding song. I would love to here Bob write and entire album taking stories from the Gospels about everyday people interacting with Jesus. Anyone who did was never the same. Praise God, and thank-you for this website. Please let us know if Bob is planning to get up to New England.

NAME: Stevie McCaffrey
DATE: 11/23/97 @ 18:24:07

Please e-mail me with any news re: Bob

Especially if he will be singing in the San Diego area again

Thank you

NAME: Ken Fletcher
DATE: 11/29/97 @ 23:12:48

I promoted a concert featuring Bob, Billy Sprague, and Bruce Carroll. I've promoted over 25 concerts the past 3 years, but there has been none better than the 3B's! Keep up the great work! Ken Fletcher

NAME: Mark Edgar
DATE: 11/30/97 @ 23:18:43

I have been a Bob Bennett fan from the beginning. I am also a big fan on Erick Nelson. I particularly enjoyed Erick and Michele Pillar's The Misfit. The problem is that I only have it on album and don't have a working turntable anymore and wouldn't use it much if I did. I have been trying to find out if The Misfit is available on CD. Most sources say it isn't but can you find out and get back to me. Thanks.

Mark Edgar 303-751-7007