Jay Rinkel And Amateur Radio

This page was updated on July 5, 1996

What Is It?

Amateur radio is basically a community of radio hobbyists. Amateur radio is a licensed radio service by the FCC. Another common name for amateur radio is Ham Radio. Amateur radio operators are permitted to use various segments of the radio spectrum from medium wave communications to short wave to VHF, UHF, microwaves, and beyond! Rules are setup to limit what types of transmissions may be made over the radio spectrum. However, there is a lot of freedom of experimentation (unfortunately so much that many "hams" don't try many aspects). Amateur radio operators can enjoy the ability to make communications with people all over the world via short-wave or satellite contacts. They can use their computers to send digital information over radio. They can send still-frame video or even motion video across the air waves. They can participate in radio-oriented contests, etc. If you like to play with radio, this hobby probably has something for you.

How I became A Ham

A long time ago when I used to live in Germany while my dad was stationed over there one of my friends talked alot about amateur radio. He was thinking about getting his license. That person was Greg Drew. He now has his license (though it looks like I may have gotten my license before he did). Greg's call is N3MXX.

After my family moved from Germany to Tennessee, my dad became acquainted with a Ham radio operator that he worked with. I finally decided to get my license and started studying. I received my first license (Novice class) in Aug 1983 as KB4GRD. The next year, I upgraded to General class. In 1985 I upgraded to Advanced and in 1986 I worked and received the Extra class license. The Extra class is the highest rank of amateur radio license one can receive.

What I have done with amateur radio

I have made contacts using morse code, SSB, AM, and FM voice. I have used various digital types of transmission as well. I have used many parts of the radio spectrum I have used all of the short-waves bands open to amateurs. I have used VHF and UHF local communications. I have made contacts to people in all over the world like Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Germany, England, and many others.

Places To Visit

Here Are Some neat Amateur Radio related places to go and visit!

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