My Own Music

Not only do I listen to music. But I create my own. Ever since I was a little kid I liked to sing. I would make up my own little songs way back then. Finally, in 1991 I wanted to do something with all of my song ideas. I decided to learn how to play the guitar. I told God that if I couldn't start playing the guitar with some recognizable ability within a year I would completely give up my dream of singing and playing and just be a plain old programmer. Well within a few months I started playing some nice little songs and started learning how to play my own.

Now, I write songs and copyright them. I also occasionally play for 3rd through 6th grade boys and girls. I plan on producing my own albums. I don't necessarily need them to be a big seller. I am currently seeking God's will -- what he wants to do with my music -- if anything.

The music I create can be classified as Christian folk/folk-rock. I play acoustic instruments primarily. I also have some synthesizer and MIDI equipment that help me compose and also do sound tracks for me. I use a IBM PC compatible computer to run all of my MIDI equipment. I call my electronic band and orchestra "Odd Parity."

Odd Parity consists of a Yamaha SY-55 synthesizer/keyboard, a Yamaha TS-33 Tone Generator, an Emu Proteus/1, an Emu Proteus/3, and an Emu Morpheus. They all do great things together and they rarely ever tire out from playing!!

I have plans for a full production recording that I will be doing most of the work on. Not sure what it will be called yet. I have goals to get this started.

There are several instruments that I play during performances and just for enjoyment.

There are some tapes and CDs of my music available to the public. To see what stuff is available please see my Discography. Also, I have song descriptions, which include song lyrics and some sound clips, for those of you curious to know what kinds of things I produce.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of my material. Some of my music is available as sheet music. Email me at
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