Music Listening

I listen to different kinds of music. However, most of the music I listen to is categorized as Contemporary Christian. Now, if you've been around you know that "Contempory Christian" means a lot of things. So, to narrow the field just a little, the Chrisian music I listen to could be categorized as folk, folk-rock, soft-rock, alternative, etc.

My most favorite artist is Michael Card. He has such an awesome way of digging into the Bible and telling you about it. His music is varied but could be categorized as primarily folk and soft rock.

Artists I Listen To Most

This is a short list and I listen to plenty of others.

If you know of any good simple Christian Folk music please let me know. I have found that folk music is lacking in most Christian music circles. The artist does not have to be well known. If the artist is local in your area and has put out tapes and/or CDs, I would like to know about him/her. Please email at
if you know of any good Christian folk artists either local or mainstream or anywhere in between.
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