"Atari Force" Arrives -- Bonus Color DC Comics Included With Game Cartridges

From Atari Age magazine, volume 1, number 2, p. 7

Now, when you open specially marked Atari game cartridge boxes, you'll find a double helping of excitement--super video games and full-color DC comic books starring Atari superheroes.

The first cartridge to include a bonus comic book is Defender. This full-color 48-page adventure takes place in the year 2005. In scene after action-packed scene, we travel from the Atari Technology and Research Institute to Solar Satellite Station One, to the moon, on to a war-torn jungle, and back to the Atari Institute, where a mysterious figure has penetrated the supposedly unbeatable security system.

What's she up to? And how will the diverse characters we meet become the tighly knit Atari Force? The answers are found in the second comic book, packaged with Atari's August release, Berzerk.

A third comic will appear later in 1982, to accompany the exciting new Star Raiders cartridge--and plans call for the Atari Force to continue battling against evil in 1983.

Copyright 1982 by Atari Clubs, Inc.

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