Atari Force Comic Book Premieres

From Atari Age magazine, volume 2, number 2, p. 6

The group of costumed super-heroes in the illustration [the cover of AF2.01, minus the background] bears the same name as the dynamic science fiction group that appeared in comics packed with specially marked Atari 2600 cartridges over the past year. But the ogirinal Atari Force completed their star-spanning mission in the comic supplied with Galaxian. Now it's the year 2030--25 years later--and a brand new Atari Force is making its way onto the shelves wherever comic books are sold. The new group includes Babe, Pakrat, Morphea, Tmepest, Dart, and Martin Champion, who is returning to active status. Also returning is the future's deadliest villain--the Dark Destroyer. And this time, he's r e a l l y angry!

Copyright 1983 by Atari Clubs, Inc.

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