A special treat for Atari Club members--a preview of the thrilling new graphic novel coming soon from DC comics, based on one of Atari's most popular games...

Star Raiders

From Atari Age magazine, volume 2, number 2, pp. 30-31

First it was a computer game. Then it became a home video game. And now...it's a comic book! But it's much more than an ordinary comic, as the illustrations on these pages testify. Writer Elliot S. Maggin and artist Jose Luis Garcia Lopez have taken the gameplay of Star Raiders and expanded it into a deluxe 62-page epic, full of action, adventure, and breathtaking graphics.

Allow us to introduce the team of Tommy Hardtack (the one with the eyepatch) and Jed Poole (above), a pair of lonesome rebels in search of recruits to battle the evil Zylon menace. They meet Ezekial Vicker (left), an ancient survivor who, aided by an army of loyal Hukkas, uncovers a way to destroy the insectoid Zylons (right)--even though Zylons can regenerate themselves when they're destroyed!

Though the strength of even a single Zylon far surpasses any mortal, Tommy and Jed finally manage to dispatch their foe by using Ezekial's unique strategy (above).

Now charged with a new sense of purpose, the two comrades soar off in search of new recruits--only to find the most ragtag crew imaginable (right).

With only a bedraggled handful against the mighty Zylon empire (below), the odds are definitely not in their favor. But our rebels have a secret weapon--in fact, a weapon so secret even they aren't sure what it is.

We can't tell you what happens during the climactic conclusion of Star Raiders--you'll have to find out for yourself in the pages of DC Comic's graphic novel. But we promise that once you read it, you'll never forget it.

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