Atari Force Returns!

From DC Releases, volume 1, number 23 (April 1986), p. 2

Dart, a balding Babe, and a lost Hukka side by side? Yep! All in Atari Force Special #1! And we mean special! Three separate stories – each one artfully rendered by a separate team-up of talent! 48 pages! And ... no ads!

Leading off with the origin of Dart, Andy Helfer, Paul Kupperberg, and Marshall Rogers delve into Dart's early days and provide answeres to lots of question, including how Dart met Blackjak and the story behind those tattoos. In story #2, Babe sheds his coat–and the scales underneath are discovered to be priceless gems! By Dwight Zimmerman and James Fry. And a third story! Hukka stumbles on a cult of hero-worhipping creatures. Come along as Paul Kupperberg and talented newcomer Tristan Shane host a romp into the hilarious!

Copyright 1986 DC Comics Inc.

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