Chronicler Bios

Andru, Ross
Artist, AF1 & AF2.04-05
Austin, Terry
Cover artist, AF2.07
Inker on many Marvel projects.
Baker, Kyle
Inker, AF3/3
Artist on The Cowboy Wally Show. Also worked with Andy Helfer on The Shadow.
Barreto, Eduardo
Artist, AF2/1
Also drew Action Comics, Tales of the Teen Titans, and various Superman and Batman specials.
Baron, Mike
Writer, AF2/1
Co-creator of Badger and Nexus. Also kicked off the new Flash (DC) and Punisher (Marvel) series in 1987.
Byrne, John
Cover artist, AF3
Writer and/or artist on many titles since the 1980s, including Fantastic Four, Superman, John Byrne's Next Men, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man: Chapter One. DC was probably just trying to get some extra sales by having a big name do the cover.
Cavalieri, Joey
Scripter, AF2.13/1
Chen, Mike
Artist, AF2.15-17/2
Colon, Ernie
Inker, AF2.12/2
Arist on Richie Rich, Damage Control, and Dreadstar (second series).
Conway, Gerry
Writer, AF1 & AF2/1
Has had runs as the writer on Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Detective Comics, Justice League of America, Thor, Wonder Woman, and various Superman titles. Also wrote Superman vs. Spider-man, Superman vs. Shazam, and the first few years of The Fury of Firestorm. Co-creator of Man-Thing.
Costanza, John
Letterer, AF1
Has lettered many projects, including Ambush Bug.
Cullins, Paris
Cover artist, AF2.16/1
DeCarlo, Mike
Inker, AF1
Dick Giordano's assistant at the time.
DelBeato, Joe
Artist, AF2.15-18/2 & AF3/2
Fleming, Robert Loren
Writer, AF2.20/2
Fry, James
Penciller, AF3/2
Gafford, Carl
Colorist, AF2.16/1 & AF2.16-17/2
Garcia-Lopez, Jose Luis
Artist, AF2/1 & SR
Created the visuals for all of the second Atari Force. Other works include various issues of Superman and Batman titles (including some Elseworlds projects), the Cinder and Ashe and Twilight limited series and Bat-Man vs. the Incredible Hulk.
Giffen, Keith
Writer and/or artist, AF2.12-13/2 & AF2.20/2
Best known for his work, both drawing and plotting, on Legion of Super-Heroes and various Ambush Bug projects.
Giordano, Dick
Inker & editor, AF1; cover inker, AF2.11
Editor-in-chief of DC at the time. Also the inker on Crisis on Infinite Earths.
Hannigan, Ed
Artist, AF2
Helfer, Andy
Editor, AF1, AF2/1, AF2/2, SR
Wrote DC's 1987 The Shadow series. Went on to oversee DC's Paradox Press line.
Hickman, Stephen
Cover artist, SR
Janson, Klaus
Artist, AF2.14/2
Kane, Gil
Artist, AF1
Had a long run on the pre-Crisis Green Lantern.
Kesel, Karl
Inker, AF2.20/2
Kupperberg, Paul
Writer, AF2.13/2 & AF3/1-2
Lappan, Bob
Letterer, AF2/1 & AF2/2
Lettered every single issue of the regular Atari Force series, including many great alien language fonts.
Maggin, Elliot S!
Writer, SR
Best remembered as the long-time writer of Superman and two Superman novels (Superman: Last Son of Krypton (1978) and Superman: Miracle Monday) (1981)). More recently, he wrote the novelzation of Kingdom Come.
Manak, Dave
Penciller, AF2.13/2; writer, AF2.14/2 & AF2.18/2
Did some artwork on early issues of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Ordway, Jerry
Cover artist, AF2
Writer/artist on Adventures of Superman and Power of Shazam.
Letterer, SR
Possibly a pseudonym for Tom Orzechowski.
Pozner, Neal
Design, AF1 & SR
Rogers, Marshall
Penciller, AF2.18/2 & AF3/1; cover penciller, AF3
Roy, Adrienne
Colorist, AF1
Schwartz, Julius
Writer & editor, AF3/1
Long-time editor of the Superman titles (pre-Crisis).
Shane, Tristan
Penciller, AF3/2
Smith, Bob
Artist, AF2
Thomas, Roy
Writer, AF1
Remembered for his work on The Avengers, Conan, and various characters of DC's Earth-2, including the Justice Society, in All-Star Squadron and Infinity, Inc.
Villagran, Ricardo
Artist, AF2/1
Also inked DC's Star Trek (first series) at the time of AF2 (and beyond).
Wein, Len
Consulting editor, AF2.08
Co-creator of Swamp Thing.
Wray, Bill
Inker, AF2.19/2
Zimmerman, Dwight Jon
Writer, AF3/3
Ziuko, Tom
Colorist, AF2/1, AF2/2, & AF3/1-3
Colored almost every main story in the Atari Force series, most of the backup stories, and all the stories in the Special.

Thanks to GameGirl08 for information on Dave Manak.

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