Atari Force Backups & Specials Credits

Interior Credits

Issue/StoryCharacterWriter PencillerInkerColorist LettererEditor
12HukkaKeith Giffen Keith GiffenErnie ColonTom Ziuko Bob LappanAndy Helfer
13HukkaPaul Kupperberg Dave ManakKeith GiffenTom Ziuko Bob LappanAndy Helfer
14BabeDave Manak Klaus JansonKlaus JansonKlaus Janson Bob LappanAndy Helfer
15PakratAndy Helfer Mike ChenJoe DelBeatoTom Ziuko Bob LappanAndy Helfer
16-17PakratAndy Helfer Mike ChenJoe DelBeatoCarl Gafford Bob LappanAndy Helfer
18HukkaDave Manak Marshall RogersJoe DelBeatoTom Ziuko Bob LappanAndy Helfer
19TazEd Hannigan Ed HanniganBill WrayEd Hannigan Bob LappanAndy Helfer
20HukkaKeith Giffen, Robert Fleming Keith GiffenKarl KeselTom Ziuko Bob LappanAndy Helfer
Special/1DartAndrew Helfer, Paul Kupperberg, Julius Schwartz Marshall RogersRicardo VillagranTom Ziuko David Cody WeissJulius Schwartz
Special/2HukkaPaul Kupperberg Tristan ShaneJoe DelBeatoTom Ziuko David Cody WeissAndy Helfer
Special/3Atari ForceDwight Zimmerman James FryKyle BakerTom Ziuko David Cody WeissAndy Helfer
Star RaidersStar RaidersElliot S! Maggin Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (painting) OrzecodyAndy Helfer

Neal Pozner was credited with "design" on Star Raiders while Joe Orlando was credited as "editor-in-chief."

Cover Credits

SpecialMarshall RogersJohn Byrne
Star RaidersStephen Hickman (painting)

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