Mission Reference Format

There are references to missions spread throughout the site. Missions are indexed by the comic in which they appeared. The format is as follows:


Issue number
Number of story, if the issue contains more than one
Page number of story
Panel number of page

Note that technically, every portion is optional past the series. Usually you will at least see an issue number, though.


  1. AF1.02 = Atari Force mini-comic #2
  2. AF2.19/2 = Atari Force (regular series) #19, second story.
  3. AF3/3 = Atari Force Special (#1), third story.
  4. SR:30 = Star Raiders, page 30.
  5. AF2.18/1:3.1 = Atari Force (regular series) #18, first story, page three, panel one.

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