Atari Force: Liberator Game Screens

Here are some picutres of games in progress. It's these static pictures can't convey the wonderful graphic effect of the planets rotating.

[Warning!  Long range scanners detect enemy scouts in your

Commander Champion occasionally offers warnings and advice.

[Game in progress]

Here we have a base in the middle of the screen. (It appears black instead of red because it was caught during the "off" phase of glowing.) A satellite appears on the right, shooting a missile at the bottom, right ship. The red diamond on the left is the targeting cursor. The yellow shapes on the lower right are exploding player shots.

[Game in progress]

Again, there's a base in the middle of the screen. The red enemy missiles here (unlike the purple ones above), are MIRVs that explode into smaller parts when hit. A Killer Saucer appears at the upper left.

[Game in progress]

This is how the screen appears when the shield is activated. Also note the fireball approaching the upper, right ship.

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