Mission Log: Dutch Translations

[Cover of Dutch Atari Force #10]

The following information was provided by Marcel van Sabben. Many thanks to him for contacting me and providing the scans.

The Atari Force comics were published in the Netherlands by "Baldakijn Boeken b.v., Bussum". They were translated into Dutch, of course. Each issue printed two issues of the American comic, so there were a total of ten. (I don't know, but apparently the Atari Force Special didn't make it over there.) It appears they just picked one of the two American covers for the Dutch cover of each issue. The final issue is copyrighted 1987, meaning they probably began publication of the Dutch version after the American comic was long gone.

You can click the image below to see a sample page. Be warned, the image is 250 K. By the way, the white text on the yellow background on the cover says "Baldakijn presenteert:".

[Dutch Atari Force #10, page 1]

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