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Untold Tales of the New Universe: Nightmask #1

"Kingdom of the Gnome"
Cover Artist: Arnold Pander
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Penciler: Arnold Pander
Inker: Kris Justice
Colorist: Guru eFX
Letterer: VC's Joe Caramagna
Editor: Mark Paniccia

Marvel Solicitation

KINGDOM OF THE GNOME: After twenty years, the original story arc of the New Universe.s Dream Walker is at long last completed! The deadly Gnome has lured Nightmask into one final duel to the death in an artificial dreamscape that.s been created specifically to destroy him, using Nightmask.s own sister as bait!

Plot Synopsis

Keith Remsen, a.k.a. Nightmask, in the final battle with his parent's killer. Not only is his life at stake, but his sister, Teddy's, as well. In the end, he wins, of course, because he's the hero and has more issues of his comic to star in.

Favorite Quote

"Bomb shrapnel got wedged in my frontal lobe, giving me a nifty scar that makes for a great icebreaker with the Georgetown coeds."

Chronological Analysis

Just read the opening page. As it says there, this story takes place in between Nightmask #4 and #5.


It's been a while since I've read Nightmask, but I'd say this feels like an issue of it. Now, considering the series never seemed to quite find it's focus during it's initial run, I'm not completely sure whether that's a good thing or not. It's really not a bad story, but I came away from it disappointed. It wasn't quite the ultimate battle I was hoping for. But that may just be because I was tired when I read it.

On the other hand, Fred Van Lente did a great job of summarizing Nightmask's origin for those unfamiliar with it. It felt very much like they way comics used to be written in summarizing what's gone on before. But I've got to take away a bit for the use of the Nike 6.0 logo used by the artist(s) on the final page. That didn't exist in 1986!

In the end, this one is recommended to all comic book readers.

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