Pac-Man Fever

Halloween/Party Covers

As best I can determine, this cover was first released on the album Kid Show Themes by the T-Boppers in 2008 by Essential Media Group LLC. It has subsequently been released under multiple publishers, the most prolific being Renegade Media Network LLC and Bobby Jones Party Music. The albums are primarily collections of '70s party tunes or Halloween music.

Both of these seem like bad choices. In the former case, "Pac-Man Fever" was released in late 1981, not the 1970s. In the latter, I don't understand what makes "Pac-Man Fever" a Halloween song. Saying "because it involves ghosts" is a real stretch.

And to make things even more fun, there are three versions of the song: the regular one, one with Halloween sound effects playing in the background, and a karaoke version with the lead vocals removed. The easiest way to identify it is that they all have a running length of 4:05 (with one exception).

So to be clear, all the albums listed below contain the exact same song, aside from those three differences. Yes, even though they each list different artists, and publishers, they're all the same recording, minus the differences in sound effects of lack of vocals for a karaoke track. The following are organized alphabetically by publisher, then band name.

AJM Party Jams

Halloween Hit Band

Halloween Sound FX Haunted House Party cover
Ultimate Halloween Pop Monsters cover
Ultimate Haunted Halloween Pop Hits cover

Bobby Jones Party Music

Halloween FX Wizards

Haunted Halloween House Party cover

Halloween Party Monsters

Halloween Candy Party Music cover
Halloween Graveyard Party cover
Haunted Halloween Ghost Party Jams cover
Haunted Halloween Party Pop Hits cover
Trick or Treat Hallowen Party Music cover
Ultimate Halloween Party Music cover
The World's Greatest Halloween Party MUsic cover

The Hit Party Band

70's Classic Party Jams cover
70's Party Music cover
Awesome 70's Pool Party Jams cover
Wild 70's Pool Party Grooves cover

Karaoke Party Band

70's Karaoke Party MUsic, Vol. 3 cover

DPM Records Inc.


Pop Hit Songs cover

Essential Media Group LLC

The T-Boppers

Kids Show Themes cover

Evenada Media

The Champagne Band

Funky New Year's Party Hits cover

Halloween Fear Factory

Haunted House Party Halloween Chaos Hits cover

Party Soundtrax Music

Extreme Halloween Monsters

Extreme Halloween Haunted Pop Music cover
Extreem Halloween Spooky Pop Hits cover

Renegae Media Network LLC

Halloween Hit Factory

Halloween Ghost Party Music cover
Halloween Graveyard James cover
Halloween Haunted Pop Hits cover
Halloween Pop Candy Music cover
Halloween Trick or Treat Music cover
Ultimate Halloween Pop Music cover
The World's Greatest Halloween Music cover

Renegade Karaoke Players

70's Karaoke Album, Volume Three cover

Party Band Kings

This one is odd. All the album covers say the "Party Band Kings", but on Amazon the artist is listed as the "Party Hit Kings".

70's Classic Party Jams cover
70's Party Music cover
70's Pool Party Music cover (I)
70's Pool Party Music cover (II)