The Defender

by Buckner & Garcia

It's a dirty, filthy job, but it's got to be done;
There's a battle goin' on, it's got to be won.
I'm a million miles from home in a foreign place;
The battleground this time, you see, is outer space.

I'm the Defender, a mutant bender.
I'm the Defender, a mind bender.
I'll defend this state to the end;
I'm the captain of this ship and its men.

There's a lander up ahead, now he's going down;
Now I'm chasing the baiter around and around.
Here comes the bomber, now this is my chance
To fire the laser and watch him dance.

Guitar solo

A pod has appeared at the top of the screen;
They're the hardest to get, if you know what I mean.
A miss, then a hit, now he's fading away;
I've done all I can, at least for today.


I'm the Defender, I'm the Defender, a mutant bender
I'm the Defender, a mind bender
Repeat and fade