by Buckner & Garcia

M-m-m-mousetrap, mousetrap, cheese was the bait;
Won't somebody help me before it's too late?
The hawk is upon me and the cat's coming too;
I'm caught in a mousetrap, now what will I do?
M-m-m-mousetrap, mousetrap, what can I do?

I could turn into a dog if I only had a bone,
And could press the "doggie button"; they would leave me all alone.
I could make the hawk turn stupid if I entered into "in";
I could block and trap the cats and turn into a mouse again.


Now a mouse can eat the cheese, and a cat can eat a mouse,
And a dog can eat a cat, if he traps him in the house.
You try to get the prizes while avoiding the old hawk;
There's a time for you to run, and there's a time for you to walk.

Guitar solo
Chorus x3

M-m-m-mousetrap, mousetrap.
Repeat several times and fade.