Pac-Man Fever Forever


This page is chronological, so the latest news is at the bottom.

1994: I created the original version of my Pac-Man Fever pages which included a brief introduction and the credits from the back of the album.

1997: With James R. Leek taking down his Pac-Man Fever site, I got permission from him to use the lyrics he'd typed up on mine.

2004: I completely revamped my Pac-Man Fever pages, promoting them a full sub-site within my set of home pages, and adding a bunch of information I'd accumulated. Without any clever ideas that hadn't already been done, it didn't really have a name. Minor updates took place as time went on.

20 Sep 2011: There were some updates to the Other Versions page, most notably the addition of the Unrelated Songs section, featuring "Pac-Man Cleaver" by Whimsical Will and "Pac-Man Fever" by Cabrini Green.

Photo of Garcia at the mike with lyrics from these Web pages.

R.I.P. Gary Garcia, 1948–2011

22 Nov 2011: I'd been mulling it over for a long time, but with the sad news of Gary Garcia's death, I finally re-christened the site "Pac-Man Fever Forever." While the phrase returned hits in Google, none seemed to be entire sites dedicated to the album. Many years ago, Edd Burns ran a site by that name. I had originally wanted to contact him before appropriating the name for my own, but given that something close to a decade has passed, I thought it was long past the point where the name is fair game now.

While I was at it, I added the Pac-Man stickers by Fleer to the Memorbilia page. I also updated the comments on the Green Notes cover of the song on the Other Versions page. Oh, and added this News page.

23 Jul 2013: Added a download link for the Today's Sounds version of the song to the Other Versions page. Why didn't anyone tell me you could download it for free???

1 Aug 2013: Added a bunch of CDs and their covers to the Records page. Added the Knuckle Sandwich and Jace Hall versions to the Other Versions page. Moved the Echoes cover version down to the Philippines section of the international versions where it belongs. Added the poster (no photo) to the Memorbilia page. Added additional CD releases to the 1999 CD page.

25 May 2015: Added a thumbnail of the Hong Kong LP and a table listing the B-sides of the 45 for various countries to the Records page. Also tweaked the description to list "Puc-Man Fever" as being released in other places besides Japan. Updated the "Pac-Man Fieber" description to include YouTube video on the Other Versions page. Also tweaked the descriptions of the other international cover versions.

23 Jun 2015: Updated the information on the Japanese and Filipino versions of the song on the Records and Other Versions pages.

5 Aug 2015: Added the Jenson marching band cover, Worm Quartet cover, and new "Pac-Man Fever (Eat 'Em Up) 2015" remix to the Other Versions page. How did I overlook adding the Worm Quartet version for so long? Also rounded the page borders, fixed the Jace Hall SoundCloud link, added a new paragraph to the Home page, and added Pac-Man Fever Vault and the new 2015 remix site to the Links page.

13 Oct 2017: Tweaked some wording on the Home page and added chart information to the 1981 Records page. Also updated info on "Pokemon Fever" and added the Edgel Groves version to the Other Versions page.

28 Oct 2017: Massive update to the Other Versions page. Added the covers on the Diet Pepsi Aerobic Program album and by Suite 102, Bobby Jones Party Music/Renegade Media Network (there's an entire new page for those!), Robertt Youngg, Jacob Johnson, Shakedown Records/Sleek & Sound, and 8 Bit Universe.