The Weird Al Body Count

Are Al's songs getting more violent as time passes? One way to tell might be to simply count the number of people (and animals) killed in his lyrics. Let's take a look and decide. (Or, if you're the impatient type, you can skip to the conclusion.)

If the entity or entities killed are not people, it's noted with the death toll. Death tolls for places are based on the year of the album's release. In graphical browsers, each entry is color coded based on the number dying as follows:

"Weird Al" Yankovic

SongLyricDeath Toll
"Mr. Frump in the Iron Lung" Well, unfortunately, soon it came to be
Mr. Frump's dying day.

In 3-D

SongLyricDeath Toll
"Nature Trail to Hell" There's a homicidal maniac who finds a Cub Scout troop,
And he hacks up two or three in every scene.
A dozen or more

Dare to Be Stupid

SongLyricDeath Toll
"Like a Surgeon" Yeah, my patients die
Before they can pay.
"Like a Surgeon" Yeah, I can hear your heart beat
For the very last time.
"Slime Creatures from Outer Space" First they leveled Tokyo, c. 11 million
"Slime Creatures from Outer Space" Then New York was next to go. c. 15 million
"Slime Creatures from Outer Space" They wasted everybody on my block. A dozen to hundreds

Polka Party

SongLyricDeath Toll
"One of Those Days" A 747 crashed into my den Scores
"One of Those Days" Big steamroller just ran over my mom 1
"One of Those Days" Then late at night, just before I go to bed
The world blows up and now everybody's dead
c. 5 billion
"Christmas at Ground Zero" Everywhere the atom bombs are droppin'
It's the end of all humanity

Even Worse

SongLyricDeath Toll
"Melanie" I couldn't stand it, so I jumped out from the sixteenth story
window right above you
Now I may be dead but I still love you
"Good Old Days" Oh I'll never forget the day I smashed in his head 1
"Good Old Days" Then I tied her to a chair and I shaved off all her hair
and I left her in the desert all alone
Oh sometimes in my dreams I can still hear the screams
Oh I wonder if she ever made it home . . . .
Possibly 1


None! In the lyrics, at least. "Gandhi II" has plenty of violence.

Off the Deep End

SongLyricDeath Toll
"Trigger Happy" Little Fluffy took a round, better take him to the vet
I filled that kitty cat so full of lead
We'll have to use him for a pencil instead
1 cat


SongLyricDeath Toll
"Jurassic Park" A huge tyrannosaurus ate our lawyer
Well, I suppose that proves . . . they're really not all bad
1 lawyer (not Al's story)
"Bohemian Polka" Mama, just killed a man
Put a gun against his head
Pulled my trigger now he's dead
1 (not Al's lyrics)

Bad Hair Day

SongLyricDeath Toll
"Everything You Know Is Wrong" I was just about to mail a letter to my evil twin
when I got a nasty papercut
and, well, to make a long story short
it got infected and I died
"I Remember Larry" Say, do you remember when I broke in Larry's house
Late at night and tied his mouth with a rag
Then I dragged him by his ankles to the middle of the forest
And stuffed him in a big plastic bag
If the cops ever find him, who knows what they'd say
But I'm sure if ol' Lar' were still with us today
He would have to agree with me it was a pretty good gag
"The Night Santa Went Crazy" Well, the workshop is gone now he decided to bomb it Unknown
"The Night Santa Went Crazy" Everywhere you'll find pieces of Cupid and Comet 2 reindeer
"The Night Santa Went Crazy" And he ground up poor Rudolph into reindeer sausage 1 reindeer
"The Night Santa Went Crazy" He got Dancer and Prancer with an old German Luger 2 reindeer
"The Night Santa Went Crazy" And he slashed up Dasher just like Freddie Krueger 1 reindeer
"The Night Santa Went Crazy" And he picked up a flamethrower and he barbequed Blitzen 1 reindeer
"The Night Santa Went Crazy" And the bullets are flyin', the body count's risin'
And everyone's dyin' to know, oh Santa, why?
"The Night Santa Went Crazy (Extra Gory Version)"
[Actually an extra track on a single, not the album.]
Yes, Virginia, now Santa Claus is dead
Some guy from the SWAT team blew a hole through his head

Running with Scissors

SongLyricDeath Toll
"The Saga Begins" And in the end some Gungans died
Some ships blew up and some pilots fried
A lot of folks were croakin'
Unknown (not Al's story)
"The Saga Begins" And the Jedi I admire most
Met up with Darth Maul and now he's toast
1 (not Al's story)
"Albuquerque" And, oh yeah, three of the airplane engines burned out
And we went into a tailspin and crashed into a hillside
And the plane exploded in a giant fireball and everybody died
Except for me

Poodle Hat

SongLyricDeath Toll
"Why Does This Always Happen to Me?" I was watching my TV one night when they broke in with a special report
About some devastating earthquake in Peru
There were thirty thousand crushed to death, even more were buried alive
Over 60,000
"Why Does This Always Happen to Me?" There was a twelve-car pile-up, everybody dead A dozen or more
"Why Does This Always Happen to Me?" Well, I told him I was busy, but he still just kept on asking
So I turned around and stabbed him in the face
Possibly 1
"Ode to a Superhero" It's a pretty sad day at the funeral
Norman Osborn has bitten the dust
1 (not Al's story)

Straight Outta Lynnwood

SongLyricDeath Toll
"Canadian Idiot" It's gotta mean they're all up to something
So quick, before they see it coming
Time for a pre-emptive strike
32 million requested, but not necessarily carried out
"I'll Sue Ya" I sued Panasonic . . . they never said I shouldn't use their microwave to dry off my cat 1 cat
"Weasel Stomping Day" [Sound effects] 9 weasels
"Confessions Part III" I killed your goldfish accidentally, just replaced it with another one 1 goldfish


So as you can see, Al started out pretty tame with one death of natural causes. He then ramped up to destroying two cities on his third album and peaked in violence with his fourth when he blew up the world not once, but twice! After that the body count dropped dramatically, including no deaths on album six. While his 2003 album ramped things back up with over 60,000 deaths, he cut back down in 2006. Only time will tell if the death toll will climb dramatically again.