The Great Weird Al Word Count


What, you're ready to go already?!? (*Sniff!*) Well, that's okay. I'm sure I'll get over it. (*Sob!*) If you liked this site, the odds are good you'll like these, too.

Lee's (Useless) Weird Al Tools and Facts
More useless Weird AL goodness from your truly.
The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Site
The name says it all. - the Ultimate Weird Al reference
Contains lyrics for all of Weird Al's songs, the original lyrics of songs he's parodied, album and concert song listings, concert photos, and more.
Al-oholics Anonymous
Al news, photos, sound and video clips, calendar pages, and more.
Lyrics for Weird Al's songs, the Yank Blog, and more links to Weird Al sites than you can shake a stick at. (Why you'd want to shake a stick at them, I don't know, but rest assured there's too many to do that.)
The 27 List
The number 27 seems to show up often in Weird Al's songs, videos, and life, as this list attests.