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Oh man, I hate it when I'm right
I hate sauerkraut

"Angry White Boy Polka"

Hate to say I told you so, alright
Open up your hate, and let it flow into me

"I'm So Sick Of You"

I hate the way you crack your knuckles
I hate your whiny loser girlfriends too

"I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead"

I hate anything organic.

"Addicted to Spuds"

Wo, I used to hate 'em, now they're all that I eat, oh yeah

"Achy Breaky Song"

You know I hate that song a bunch

"Eat It"

Don't want to hear about what kind of food you hate.

"The Check's in the Mail"

You say you hate my guts?

"She Never Told Me She Was a Mime"

Well, my parents can't stand her and the neighbors hate her guts

"I Can't Watch This"

They keep going and going-don't hate me because I'm beautiful-

"A Complicated Song"

This really is a major inconvenience, oh man, I really hate it

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Album Count
Poodle Hat 3
Alapalooza 2
"Weird Al" Yankovic 2
Running with Scissors 2
Bad Hair Day 2
In 3-D 1
Off the Deep End 1
Polka Party 1
Matching Albums 8

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I wanna know how many times Weird Al's said in his songs.

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