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Wedding Anniversary party photos! (hold cursor over photo for identification, click to see full size photo)
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Sarah and Amy Smith. Ashley -- gets something to eat. Baby petting Maggie. Bryan Smith,-Lauren Bear, -- Austin Miles.
Betty and Sam -- Enjoy some food. Warren, Martin, Brent, Bennett with dog, Austin, Richard, Bryan and Lauren. Warren, Ashley, Brent, Martin, Richard, Austin, and Dave. Brent Smith and Mike Click -- facing camera.
Dee enjoying some ham and baked beans. Kathy Click and Kristen Smith -- facing camera. Scott, Jana, Judy, Martin, Richard, Warren, Ashley, Austin, and Sarah. Kathy, Allison, Judy, Jana, and guest.
Daughter, Joanna, and Husband. Kathy Click and friends -- get into a conversation. Kristen and Marc -- relaxing by the fountain. Lauren and Nicole -- share some watermellon.
Martin, Lauren, Bryan, and Richard. Allison and Mike -- They kinda' Click! Mike and Allison -- read one of their anniversary cards. Mike and Allison -- Mike tries to read who the card is from.
Sarah, Allison, Mike, and Martin -- Mike is not sure about eating 1-year-old wedding cake. Mike, Jana, and Scott -- Jana gets a hug while husband, Scott watches. M.D. Smith, IV -- Gets ready to lead everyone in singing Still-the-one. Dee, Marc, Erin, and Kristen -- Dee gets some video of Marc and Erin.
M.D. leads everyone in singing Still-the-one. Allison and Mike -- Mike cuts the year-old-cake. Allison and Mike -- Make a wish. Still-The-One -- M.D. and Judy - 40 years and counting!
Richard, Bryan, Lauren, Nicole, and Brent. Nicole, Lauren M., Amy, Bennett, Brent, Scott, Lauren B., Bryan, Austin, and Owen. Ashley and Warren. Warren and Ashley -- Get something to eat.
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SmithStoreIt Mini-Warehousing SmithStoreIt Mini-Warehousing
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