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Ham Radio Links from M.D. Smith, IV

I operate primarily 80 & 40 meters and have 2 meter rigs in car and home. I also operate CW to keep familiar, but speed is usually below 13 WPM. I do return QSL cards 100% and often send them out even if I don't get a reply back, if the QSO was memorable in some way. I certainly still enjoy RTTY from the old days and love the new PSK31 where 25 watts works the world.

I have enjoyed the higher bands even on my all purpose, single wire fed and single wire Windom. Have made nice contacts SSB on 20, 15, 17, 12 and 10. Have made good RTTY contacts along with PSK31 which is amazing on low power and poor band conditions.

All the new radio activity this past year made me want to get an upgrade and after quite a number of hours of study and a lot of practice exams taken, I successfully completed the EXTRA Class exam on 2-2-2013, Groundhog Day. I hope that signifies 6 weeks of great band conditions.


These pages are some of the best links I could find.

Ham Radio Links of All Kinds: Alpha sort.

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