Photos of M.D. Smith, IV family and activities from 1998 to present, starting with most recent

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Allison and Mike's first anniversary and Judy and M.D.'s 40th anniversary. Family celebration, June 10, 2001 at family home.
Martin at Macon, GA. visiting Southeastern Flight School considering attending there. My Aztec, N2559Z in background being filled. May 10, 2001.
Helping Scott to build backyard deck MD IV, Judy, Luther, Scott, Erin and deck under construction photos. 2005 Stapp on Sunday, May 6, 2001
Allison in Lion King Dance Costume Taken at waterfall in Hampton Cove for dance program. May 4, 2001
MD IV, Dee, Champ building "doghouse" and photos of Warren and Josie, Maggie & Josie and Maggie visiting office - Feb. 2000
Allison Cheering at Birmingham Southern Feb. 2000

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