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"People Who Think They Know Everything Just Aggravate The Hell Out Of Those Of Us Who Do!"
Quote from M.D. Smith, III in 1978

My father died in 1985. For almost 40 years he was in the Radio and Television Broadcasting business, started by my grandfather in Birmingham(WBRC Radio). [History of Smith Broadcasting from 1928 in Birmingham to present time in Huntsville.] Today, (1993) I have four of my eight children also in the broadcasting business, making this FOUR generations of smiths that have been involved in the same thing. I began my career out of college at WAAY Radio and later on to WAAY-TV (then WAFG-TV) in 1963. We had a staff of 17 people and everybody did everything. It was quite an experience and education. From the old days of one black & white VR-1000 Ampex Video Tape Recorder and all tube equipment to today's solid-state micro-electronics has been quite a change. Today, WAAY-TV, Channel 31 has over 150 employees (we call them team members) and a large array of vehicles and equipment with which to gather news, sports and weather. [NOTE: CH. 31 was sold in Oct. 1999- see history page]

We both flew several models of Piper Aztec's from 1965 through 1985. Since he died, after a 5 year period of not flying, I have owned two other models of Aztecs, the last of which was a TurboCharged 1977 model, N131TV. We both had Amateur Radio (Ham) licenses and were both on 80-10 as well as 2-meters. We have had 1/4 wave antennas on the belly of the airplanes, and 146 MHz sure goes a long way at 10,000 feet with just 2 watts. Aviation N-Numbers and much more. Enter any N-number and find out all about that aircraft. Check out N31TU, N31TV and N131TV. High Flight My dad loved this flying poem and it's one of my favorites too.

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"Huntsville, My Home Town" song from WAAY-Radio.
This song was about Huntsville. Words were written by M.D. Smith, III and was pressed on a 45 RPM record. Thousands were given away as a promotional tool for both the city and the radio station. I made some of the aerial photos from our Aztec for the back cover. This was made about 1969.
"Ft. Walton, My Home Town" song from WNUE-Radio.
This song was about Ft. Walton, Florida. Words were written by M.D. Smith, III and was pressed on a 45 RPM record. Thousands were given away as a promotional tool for both the city and the radio station.
"Colorful WAAY-TV, 31-derful"
This very short 3 second jingle was used as a singing Station ID in the late 60's on Channel 31 TV.
"WAAY-Radio Flashback (Oldies intro) jingle
One of the many introductions to special songs used at WAAY-Radio over the years. This one introduces a "Oldie" 45 record.
"WAAY-Radio More Music Power jingle
Another sample of the many jingles used by WAAY-Radio over the years.
Flight Calculator
This windows program is a handy flight calculator for AFTER your flight. You enter Number of GALLONS used, Total TIME in decimal or regular, and MILES traveled. Compute and you get results of Gallons-per-hour, Ground-Speed and Miles-per-Gallon. Very handy for future calculations of fuel consumption and true ground speed.
Converting Values
This windows program will convert about any value you can think of to any other value you can think of. Things like: Gallons-to-pounds, foot-candles to lux, metric to standard, light-years to parsecs, and over 100 more values of every measurement you can think of. Print results if you wish.
Investment Calculator
This program lets you input any 3 values and computes the 4th from PRINCIPAL, INTEREST, NUMBER OF YEARS AND ENDING BALANCE. You can put in an ending balance and see how much principal you must start with. Very useful.

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My Job Not my job to ring the bell, etc....
A Christmas Story "Johnny and the Mistletoe." by M.D. Smith, IV

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