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Dark Green with Lighter Overglaze Slab Ashtray

Like many of the slab ashtrays illustrated on these pages, the method of making them is extremely simple for beginners and experts. See the detailed explanation in section #3 called Making Slab Pieces.

This oval shaped ashtray measures 8" x 10" x 1 3/4" high. First a heavy crystal, multi-colored green glaze was applied, then several heavy coatings of clear was put over the green, including coating of the foot. This resulted in a very glossy crystal glaze finish. It was fired on stilts. A decorative pattern was stamped on the top side, but there was so much glaze used, the pattern is almost invisible, but still renders a nice texture. It was fired to cone 06.

(Make sure glazes used for eating and drinking are labeled SAFE) (You may want to refer to page on Firing Temperatures and glazes.

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