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Matching Set of Buff, Semi-Gloss Slab Ashtrays

Like many of the slab ashtrays illustrated on these pages, the method of making them is extremely simple for beginners and experts. See the detailed explanation in section #3 called Making Slab Pieces.

These triangular shaped ashtrays measure 5" x 8" x 1 3/8" high. This was orginally a single piece of clay that was over 16" wide and only 5" deep at the center. When it was cut in half, it resulted in the two mating pieces that you see. They were rounded and then proceeded with the same slab method of making these as the other slab ashtrays.

A small checkerboard pattern was pressed into the top surfaces. The bottom has wheel rolled into the edges to form ridges and larger squares pressed into the center of the clay. The clay itself was a Mississippi "buff" colored clay, so the glaze that was used was almost a perfect match. As you see, the unglazed "foot" is the same color as the buff glaze used on the top and bottom. It was fired to cone 06.

(Make sure glazes used for eating and drinking are labeled SAFE) (You may want to refer to page on Firing Temperatures and glazes.

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