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Lemon Glaze over Red Clay Slab Ashtray

Like many of the slab ashtrays illustrated on these pages, the method of making them is extremely simple for beginners and experts. See the detailed explanation in section #3 called Making Slab Pieces.

This is a very large ashtray measuring 13" x 6" x 2" high. The coiled foot covers a large area of the bottom. After bisque firing, a semi-translucent lemon colored gloss glaze was applied and fired to cone 06. With the red showing thru on the decorative pressed patterns on the edges, I think it turned out quite nicely. The center decoration was a hollow 1/2" tube pressed into the clay to form a variety of small circles on the entire top surface. The edges were made from a wooden block cut to form 4 ridges. This was pressed into the edge about 1/2" from the outside and repeated the entire lip of the ashtray. The underside was not decorated with a pattern, just the lemon glaze. (You may want to refer to page on Firing Temperatures and glazes.

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