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Green Jelly Bean Container

This green container that I label "for Jelly Beans" just seems to be the right shape for such a thing. The entire pot was closed at the top after making a slightly rounded jar. After the top was closed, a small line was drawn on the outside while on the wheel, then I let it dry for several hours.

After it had dried so it would hold its shape, I took a knife and traced around the line that was made on the wheel and cut through the clay, but at one point making a small "V" in the top so alignment would be easy. I knew it would be hard to get it to sit evenly without some kind of keyway. With the top off, it's easy to see how it was done. Both inside and out was coated with a green "speckle" type of glaze that gave a good light green undercoat with a darker speckle finish on the outside. It was fired to cone 06.

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