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 1998 06 11:



This picture is from somewhere in her back yard.

She's also a Jujitsu black belt, and a power plant engineer.

Don't mess with her. She really likes those choke holds.

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crag climb


Sarah is a System's Engineer. She's helped design difficult hardware things, like Satellites, and Air Traffic Control. She writes papers about System's Engineering. She cited me in one of them.

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1. Systems Engineering for Software and Hardware Systems: Point-Counterpoint

2. Ten Lessons Learned from Implementing Integrated Product Teams


Kazuaki is a businessman in Kyoto, Japan. He produces very high quality mathematical puzzles. They're like jigsaw puzzles, but with more than one solution. They're made from extremely fine materials.

He can explain haiku.

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spend enough time here to watch the animations below:



These games are challenging.  He has more.

I admire his understanding of the axioms.


Jonathan composes very interesting pictures. I met him via email one day after locating his tutorial on how to draw a forest.

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complex tree

I use this site to remember his simple instructions.


Dan is an author. He's developed a comprehensive (in my opinion) history of the Blackhawk Comics. And, he arranges for soldiers to sharpen their skills.

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This picture (jennicam) is one of Carroll's bookmarked pages. Jenni's so popular the image is sometimes hard to acquire.

Carroll also writes software for next-generation weather radar systems.

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OOPS, looks like Jenni's picture was putting too heavy of a load on this page, so I replaced it with a link you must click yourself.