My All 90's team

QB. Jay Barker- The a great over achiever greatest QB in Bama history in my opion.

RB. Sherman Williams- Probably the best rusher behind Humphries.

RB. Siran Stacey- I liked him a lot great abilities Probably the best rusher behind Williams.

FB. Martin Houston- A big bone crushing FB Great runner too.

FB. Kevin Turner- Boy was he good I think him and Stacey was the best FB, RB combo runner up was Lynch and Williams.

WR. David Palmer- Mr everything David Palmer. He was our superstar.Probably the best ATH in Bama history.

WR. Curtis Brown- A good rec had good hand was more of a possesion rec Top 5 of all time.

WR. Toderick Malone- He was another great ath on our team I don't think we did a good enough job creating for him.

TE. Steve Busky- Don't remember too much about him except he seem to have good hands and great blocks.

OL. Toby Shiels- Enough said best center in Bama history.

OL. Roosevelt Patterson- I thought he should of made it to the NFL.

OL. Jon Stevenson- Was moved around a couple of times in 94 our best OL then I think.

OL. George Wilson- WAs a mainstay on our line I think when we won our NC.

OL. Kareem McNeal- Too bad he had the wreck he was a wonderful player we would of had alot better line with him last year.

Offensive MVP

David Palmer

The runner's up.

Sherman Williams and Toderick Malone.


DL. Jon Copeland- The sack artist I loved him my personal favorite player on the NC team.

DL. Eric Curry- I loved him too the bookends I would not of traded these 2 for any combo on any team in America in the 90's.

DL. Jeremy Nunley- I liked him alot he seemed to get sacks and always be in the right place at the right time.

DL. James Gregory- When he was out of the lineup we struggled. Very talente player.

LB. Antonio London- Everybody liked him at least I did great hitter.

LB. Lemanski Hall- Fierce hitter.

LB. Dwayne Rudd- My favorite LB and my only player currently playing.

DB. Antonio Langham- Even though a lot of people are upset with him he may be the best DB Alabama has ever had.

DB. George Teague- The play.

DB. Willie Gaston- Loved his mouth gave us a attitude.

DB. Mark McMillan- A was Juco longest INT return in Alabama history.

DB. Tommy Johnson- I liked him a lot a great player.

Defensive MVP

We have co-MVP's.

Eric Curry and John Copeland.

The runner up Antonio Langham.

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