Alabama players in the 96 NFL draft.

1.Shannon Brown- 23rd pick of the 3rd round to Atlanta Falcons. Was injured most of his Sr season so he was a disappointment for me but in 94 he had a good season.

2.Kendrick Burton- 12th pick of the 4th round to the Houston Oilers. Has unlimited potential if he lives up to it will be a star but that is a IF.

3.Brad Ford- 34th pick of the 4th round to the Detroit Lions. Was picked to early but he ran around 4.32 in one of the NFL combines his size is average around 5-10 190.

4.Tony Johnson- 30th pick of the 6th round Philadelphia Eagles. Never got to show exactly what he could do he has good hands and a very fluid moving person.

5.Toderick Malone- 37th pick of the 6th round New Orleans Saints. I thought he should of went in the 4th or 5th round, but the Saints got a very good player to go with Damien Jeffries who they got last year.

Curtis Brown is a player I thought should of went in the 7th round but he should pick up as a free agent with somebody.

Michael Proctor no doubt will he pick up somewhere and be a very productive player in the NFL.

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