Here is my early breakdown for the Tide in 96.

I will update this list again after Spring Training. It only contains players that I think have shot to contribute. I think we are extremly deep at LB, QB and RB next season.

(4) QB's

1. Freddie Kitchens- Will be the starter he has the best arm I have seen in a while but last season he was terrible at reading Defense's. If he could learn to do that he would be All-Sec.

2. Warren Foust- My favorite of our QB's appeared in 2 games without throwing a pass should be Kitchens toughest competion. Great runner with a good arm.

3. John David Phillips- The most athletic of the QB's red-shirted last season and switched back to QB from DB. Runs a 4.5 40.

4. Lance Tucker- Probably will never get higher then 2nd string while he is at Alabama.

(6) RB's

1. Dennis Riddle- Showed in the last 3 games last year he could get the job done had around 913 yds last season. As a soph should get around 1,000+ this season.

2. Brian Steger- Has a had injury and fumbling problems and was never really able to prove what he really had. Maybe he can hopefully get something going this year. I wouldn't mind seeing him switch to FB.

3. Shaun Alexander- My Favorite of the backs will be a SUPERSTAR maybe had the best fall practice of any of the backs. But Stallings decided to save him another year.

4. Curtis Alexander- A flashy type runner with great breakaway speed. But like Steger hasn't been able to shine cause of injuries.

5. Montoya Madden- That TD run he had in the UT game really impressed me. I think we should give him around 5 to 6 carries a game especially inside the 10.

6. Jahi Henley- A walk-on RB who is about 5-9 185 the same build as S. Williams. He was a teammate of Reggie Grimes. Had over 1,200 yds rushing and 18 td's. Should red-shirt.

(3) FB's

1. Ed Scissum- Obvious starter I think was a good runner with very good blocking skills as the season went on. Could shine.

2. Trevis Smith- Don't know much about him except 6-1 235. With the size I think he could be a decnt blocker with a little bit of speed.

3. Dustin McClintock- One of the new signee's. Should see playing time if he doesn't red-shirt with the lack of depth at FB I doubt he will.

(2) TE's

1. Rod Rutlege- Loves receving. Has good hands. I think the most talented TE on the team. Yes even over Thorton right now. Probably not in the long run though.

2. Patrick Hape- A good blocker who can catch no speed at all but will see plenty of PT.

3. Gorman Thorton- Probably not for another year or 2 will we see him in Crimson and White.

(7) WR's

1. Marcell West- You gotta love him a little quick guy. Did a good job especailly in the AU game. I expect alot from Marcell. I think he will be used in a roll like we played Malone last year.

2. Calvin Hall- I think the other WR starting job is up in the air but I would give it to Hall if he could stay healthy. You got to love his 6-4 height. I compare him to J.J Stokes with his size.

3. Michael Vaughn- Had problems with punt returns last season but his speed is under 4.5 now and I think he is the star in this group down the road.

4. Shamari Buchanan- Another big receiver like Hall he has gooten up to 6-1 222. Stallings is extremly high on him though. He thinks he will shine.

5. Tim Bowens- The super ATH in this years class. Will see a lot of playing time at WR and he will return kickoff's and maybe punts.

6. Michael Feagin- Is a ATh and has being getting work at WR but I don't know what position he will play.

7. Chad Goss- Our walk-on to bad our walkon isn't like the one Florida just lost some guy named Doering.


Well I'm not to good at judging individuals on the OL but I think we will be much better with all of the starters returning next season and with Hallman's new weight program.

(13) DL.

1. Eric Kerley- Is a litte short at 6-1 but he is talented. May start on the line. Even with all the new Super Recruits.

2. Ozell Powell- Should be another of the starters at the DT position. He got his weight over 300 pds now. At 6-5 300 Ozell will be a force in the middle lined up next to Michael Myers.

3. Michael Myers- Some people say he will make the biggest impact of any recruit in the SEC next season and I agree instant starter.

4. Darrel Blackburn- Boy does he have heart he had all sorts of medical problems last year and he still had a good season. Should start on the DL.

5. Kelvin Moore- I don't know just has never lived up to his potential. I still think he will get a lot of PT.

6. Chris Hood- Is partially blind in one eye it happened in a BB game in HS. But he started at the DE position last season at 6-3 240 at the start of last season is a little small.

7. Kenny Smith- My favorite recruit boy will the coaches have fun with this talent he is 6-7 and still runs a 4.7 40 now. He plays DE and should make a impact next season.

8. Jamie Carter- Is a very physical player has a great first step and will run you straight over. Plays DT and will proabably be one of the best DT at Alabama ina while before it is all said and done.

9. Heath Panks- Immediate impact at 6-4 290 I guess he is a DT. I think he is a good one but I likehim more ina backup roll.

10. Reggie Grimes- Moved to DL so will have some learning to do and won't make a big impact at that position this year he did play DL in HS though.

11. Clint Waggoner- Boy I am excited about this kid he is a stud and I think will easily make the rotation needs some more weight one his 6-5 frame.

12. Edgar Walker- Was on the practice squad last year as a SOPH He was a top 10 player in Alabama as a HS Sr.

13. Shawn Alexander- Was a walk-on from last season about 6-3 278. I think he could make impact but not too sure.

(12) LB's

1. Dwayne Rudd- Considered the strongest player on the team before Rob-E Staten if he has a good season he will jump off to the NFL if not he might be one of the best LB's Alabama history.

2. Ralph Staten- With his suspension he might not start but he is a good player he tends to get a lot of int's. I think him and Rudd are the best outside Linebacking combo in the SEC.

3. Fernando Davis- Started a couple of games when Walters was out with a injury I think will be the starting Middle Line Backer if he beats out Buckner.

4. Tyrell Buckner- Was suppose to be the 2nd sting MLB last season but had a injury tat kept him out and Davis took over a did a great job.

5. Rob-E Staten- Will make a early impact with that 440 pd BP. I think he will play on the inside but could play OLB. Shouls start as a SOPH.

6. Chris Edwards- He blocked a punt last season but didn't see much PT.

7. Lamont Floyd- Played a good bit on special teams but didn't see much PT should be fighting for a spot on the 2nd team.

8. Steve Harris- Boy does he have a lot of talent. Was considered the top player in Alabama in '94. He did have knee injury and that was what kept him out last season.

9. Eddie Hunter- Another one of those young LB's I lie alot. Had only played 1 year of HS football and had 76 tackles and 16 sacks.He is a great ATH.

10. Paul Pickett- Could be the starter in Ralph's place had a disappointing SOPH season but starter twice as a Fr.

11. Tito Smith- Had the knee injury and I don't think will ever fully recover but if he does he would be great.

12. John Tanks- Should see some playing time will play mostly on special teams though.

(10) DB's

1. Kevin Jackson- Had a great 95 season after transferring from Jones CC. Was easily the bset DB on the team was also named all-sec 1st team. Had around 60 tackles and 6 int's.

2. Deshea Townsend- Has been starting since the middle of his Fr year has had about 3 int's in his career. Our best CB.

3. Fernando Bryant- He became the starting CB in the middle of lats season for Brad For had around 40 tackles asa true Fr. Should be the starter again this year.

4. Cedric Smauel- The starting FS seemed to be beat alot especaially in the UT game will start again this season.

5. Andre Short- Will play the most of any of the DB's in the nickel package. KJ took his starting job last season.

6. Kelvin Sigler- Might be the best DB we have but he has had slow development from HS to the colleg level he could play eithert SS or CB.

7. Steven Stanley- Remarkable ath. He should get more PT this season I hope he moves to WR where he would get more PT.

8. Thomas Hill- A very physical DB only 5-10 but he hits very hard. Will get a shot at WR this fall but I think his mark is at DB.

9. Owen Winston- Was expected to contribute last season but it didn't happen. He is a ATH that played QB in HS.

10. Jason Jones- One of this year's recruits. Will play safety this season if he is not red-shirted will move to CB down the road.

(4) Kickers

1. William Watts- Will handle kicking off but I don't know how good of a PK he is but right now it is his job.

2. J. Dismukes- A walk-on kicker this season is suppose to be a great one. Should be a our kicker in 97.

3. Spandoni- Another walk-on kicker can kick it 50 yds easily so he might be our long range kicker.

4. Alex Cunningham- A walk-on from last season is very accurate but no range at all about 40 is about it.

(2) Punters

1. Hayden Stockon- Was our punter last season but that doesn't mean anything Pope might be the kicker. Stockon avg around 43 yds a punt.

2. Daniel Pope- Was a red-shirt Fr last is suppose to be ver ygood I think he has a very good shot at being our punter.

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