Spring Training Reports

Spring Traning scrimmage.(4/12)
Well after the spring we don't know who the QB will be Foust and Kitchens are neck and neck. In the scrimmage Chris Hood had 6 sacks and left as the top defensive player I think the top offensive player was Michael Vaughn who had 2 rec's for 114 yds and 2 td's. The top RB was Curtis Alexander with 9 carries for 46 yds and 2 td's. Kitchens was 6-14 for 200 yds 2 td's and 1 int. Foust ws 7-12 for 87 yds and 1 int. The int's were from Kevin Sigler the most improved player on the team this spring and KJ the best DB on the team last year.

Brain Steger was suspended for the Spring Training for academic reasons.He hopes to be ready by the fall practices. It looks like Alabama will throw to the RB's and TE's a lot more this season.

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