From Stones to the Heart

( Some Thoughts on God )

Here's a place I've created for sharing with you my thoughts on God, Jesus Christ and spiritual topics. It's a place I've been thinking about for some time now, something with more than just a collection of useful links ( i.e, some actual content! ). I'm glad to have a chance to see it finally taking shape on the web!

"From Stones to the Heart" refers to one of the grandest themes throughout the Bible; that of God's plan to take His law from stone tablets to live in the hearts of His people. It's also a play on words, as we often struggle with our own "hearts of stone" and the laying up of God's Word therein.

I suppose some background information on me is appropriate here, so you'll know where I'm coming from, where I am, and where I'm going spiritually. And here are the afore-mentioned useful christian resources.

Our church, Mayfair, is in the midst of a building campaign & relocation. Here are the new building plans.

I'll have more writings (and graphics!) here as I get the chance.

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