Ang Mo's aren't supposed to like these things, but I guess I'm a bit different in that regard!

Here are some Durian quotes from The Malay Archipelago, by Alfred Russel Wallace, written during his travels to the region in the 1850's and 1860's. Reproduced by permission of Dover Publications, Inc. 180 Varick St. NY NY 10014

World Market for Durian: The RAP market information bulletin. Here are the facts.

Durian Online A great source...check it out.

Durian - The King of Fruit - a South East Asian delight; heaven on earth or just a bad smell? Find out!

Virtual Durians - send 'em to your loved ones.

Here is some info in the CRFG publications. That's brought to you by The California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc.

Durians at

Durian World: from a certain Mr. Wright at Berkeley.

Horticultural Surveys: A survey of many different fruits, including a bit on the durian.

Yahoo - Durians - A couple of links here.

Popular Recipes in Malaysia. Includes a durian recipe.

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