Alfred Russel Wallace on Durians: Dangerous Durians

"The Durian is, however, sometimes dangerous. When the fruit begins to ripen it falls daily and almost hourly, and accidents not unfrequently happen to persons walking or working under the trees. When a Durian strikes a man in its fall, it produces a dreadful wound, the strong spines tearing open the flesh, while the blow itself is very heavy; but from this very circumstance death rarely ensues, the copious effusion of blood preventing the inflammation which might otherwise take place. A Dyak chief informed me that he had been struck down by a Durian falling on his head, which he thought would certainly have caused his death, yet he recovered in a very short time."

Excerpt from The Malay Archipelago, by Alfred Russel Wallace. Dover Publishing Inc., Pp 56-58
Reproduced by permission of Dover Publications,Inc. 180 Varick St. NY, NY 10014

Alfred Russel Wallace on Durians:His first mention of a Durian and Their natural history

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