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E-Z Read Machinist Scale









What is it?: 6 inch measuring scale ("ruler" for us simple types)
Size: 6.0 inches..........duh
Where do you get it?: Brown Aviation Tool Supply Company
                                 5700 N. Rockwell, Building Two, Suite E
                                 Bethany, Oklahoma 73008
                                 800-587-3883 or 405-495-4991
                                 FAX: 405-495-4992
What does it cost?: $6.00

ruler2.jpg (12400 bytes)

Cheers: Very easy for middle-aged eyes to read; Four different scales; Reasonable price.

Jeers: none....well, ok, the 100ths lines are real close together.....but hey!...were're talkin' 100ths here!...and you can still see each individual line......matter of fact, this oughta be a Cheer!

Is middle age inching up on you? Do your arms need to be about a yard long to hold the plans so you can read them? Is your visual acuity only a fraction of what it used to be? Would you like to have the option of measuring RV stuff in your choice of 10ths, 100ths, 32nds, or 64ths of an inch?

ruler1.jpg (44562 bytes)

This review is going to be short (about six inches.....) and sweet. The E-Z Read machinist scale from Brown Aviation Tool Supply is the slickest little ruler I have seen. What makes it so neat is the white on black color motif; The increased contrast really makes checking dimensions easier for eyes that have been rattled by the rivet gun for an hour or two too long. The markings appear to be etched onto the rule and are very sharp and highly defined. This marking method should insure a long service life as well.

ruler3.jpg (26753 bytes)


Here is a comparison between the E-Z Read and my regular old black on silver scale. Which one do you think is easier to read?



Getting this nifty little scale is worth the effort of getting a Brown Tool catalog. Your eyes will thank you.


Highly Recommended.

Sam Buchanan




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