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The Panzer Campaigns games cover many different operations in World War II.  The game scale is 1 km hexes and 2 hour turns. Units are normally at the company and battalion level.
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The Eastern Front battles mainly pit the German Wehrmacht against the Russian War Machine.

In the early years of the assault on Russia, the Germans pretty much had there own way. Utilizing the Blitzkrieg (Lightning War) The Germans were able to destroy a large number of Russian formations and drive deep into Mother Russia. At this same time, Russia was slowly giving ground to gain time. Russia moved the majority of it's industrial strength further east into the mountains and began producing.

In the later years of the war, the situation reversed itself and now it was Germany trading space for time in an attempt to survive. This is the time of the slow death of Germany. Hitler's "Stand to the last man" orders and other bad decisions would slowly destroy the Thousand Year Reich.

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The Western Front battles take place years apart.

The first and one of the most important  campaigns was the German campaign to take France, Belgium and the Netherlands. This was the first time the Western nations got to see the Blitzkrieg up close and personal. Germany swept through the Netherlands and Belgium in no time at all and then started into France. Eventually France would fall and thousands of British and French troops would be saved at Dunkirque.

In 1944 the Allies stormed the beaches at Normandy breaching Hitler's vaunted Atlantic Wall. After the breakout from Normandy the long fight to cross into Germany really began. Many mistakes would be made by both sides in attempts to end the war quickly. However, the Allies would eventually beat Germany in the bloody struggle to free Europe.

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The Mediterranean Front battles cover the attacks on Italy as well as those in the African desert.

One of the best known commanders on either side would lead the Afrika Korps as time and time again it would beat the British forces all across the deserts of Africa. The entire war in the desert was a desperate attempt to capture the Suez Canal and all that came with it.

The battles in Italy were essentially an attempt by the Allies to knock Germany's "weak sister" out of the war. Soon would come the capture of Rome and the capitulation of Italy. At that point Italy would switch sides to finish out the war.

You can read more about them here.

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