Bible Book of the Month


Lesson #1 -- Teacher's Notes

                                       TEACHER'S NOTES

The first lesson this month will be on the background for the
book since the book is dealing with a specific time, preacher,
and occasion it will help us to see its setting.

Emphasize how the book of AMOS is like reading the current
newspaper.  Amos had to deal with the same kind of sins that
confront our society today.

We didn't have room on the lesson sheet for questions, here are
some I suggest.  Always make your own when you see a matter
or an issue that interests you.  When you see a point that is
interest to you, it will probably also be interesting to your

Q-1  Don't get Amos' name confused with the name of
     Isaiah's father.  What was his name?  (Isaiah 1:1)
     ANSWER: Amoz (A-moZ')

Q-2  Locate Tekoa on a map.  How far did Amos travel to
preach at Bethel?  How long would it have taken him to travel

Q-3  What can be seen eastward   (and downward?) from

     Personal History:
Q-4  Was Amos a "professional" prophet?
Q-5  What was Amos' occupation?   (Two jobs)

     His Preparation:
Q-6  Does it appear that Amos went to Yale Divinity
     School  (or a school like it)  in preparation to preach? [
     No ]
Q-7  Name four points from the lesson sheet that show he
     was a man throughly prepared to preach though he
     didn't go to a "prophet school."

1.   Knowledge of God:
Q-8  How does Amos in his lofty majestic way picture
     [ANSWER: God is boundless; infinite; controls nature;
     determines the rise and fall of nations; is holy and deals
     with man on a high moral level.]

2.   History of His People:
Q-9  Were the common people in Amos' day ignorant of
     the world situation around them?
     [ No, they were well aware of what was happening in other

3.   Personal travel:
     If Amos had not done any personal traveling himself it is
very obvious that he had communicated with those who had. 
He was well aware of the world scene, and expected his hearers
to be aware also of the things he mentioned.
Q-10 What could have given Amos access to world
     [ He was in the wool market business.  He may have
     exported some of it to other countries, or had visited the
     foreign markets in their major metropolitan areas. ]

4.   His Mission:
Q-11 What commission did Amos receive from God?
     [ To go preach at Bethel.]
Q-12 What was the importance of Bethel?
     [ It was the religious capital of the country of Israel. 
     Remember-- this is the time of the divided kingdom!]


     [Teacher, we will make several references back this month
to the various lessons from the book.  You might go over them
and emphasize how we need these same lessons today. ]
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