Bible Book of the Month


Lesson #3



1.   Since the word "kine" is the feminine gender word
     (Hebrew) for ________, who is referred to in 4:1? 
     (Cf. Isaiah 3:16-26).

2.   Was the Lord encouraging Israel to sin in 4:4 ?

3.   What does "cleanness of teeth" in v. 6 indicate?

4.   What do the great calamities of vv. 7-10 tell us about
     God's power?

5.   In what sense were some of the Jews "as a firebrand
     plucked out of the burning?"  4:11

6.   Because of their hardness and impenitence, they were
     told to prepare for what?


(Funeral Song, or sermon for Israel.)

1.   About how many out of a thousand would remain after
     God's punishment was exacted?

2.   What would God do for those who "seek ye me?"

3.   Who is the "house of Joseph?"

4.   Who made Orion and the seven stars?

5.   Who is the one hated "in the gate?"  5:10 (cf. John

6.   How were the rich mistreating the poor?   5:11

7.   Would the rich be allowed to enjoy their stone houses
     and plant vineyard?   5:11 f.

8.   What would "the day of the Lord" bring to the
     wicked?  5:18

9.   How is the certainty of God's judgment illustrated in
     vs. 19?

10.  Why did God hate their feast days?   5:21

11.  Whom had Israel really been worshiping?   5:26

12.  What punishment did the Lord promise in the last


1.   What did Amos (6:1) mean by "at ease in Zion" ?

2.   Where did these people put their trust?

3.   What picture does he draw in vs. 4?

4.   Who had invented instruments of music?   (See also 2
     Chronicles 29:25-28; Cf. Deuteronomy 24:1;  
     Numbers 22:20-22; Acts 17:30)

5.   How are the rich pictured in v. 6 ?

6.   Describe the awful judgment God would send?   Vv.
     7- 11.

7.   How wide would their punishment be?  Vs. 14

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