Teacher's Notes On

Lesson #2


The" Better" Covenant


 Text:  Hebrews 8:1-13


     The section of Hebrews dealing with Jesus as the Superior High
Priest begins in 7:1 and continue into chapter 8.

     The writer's reference to Melchizedek in chapter 7 is now
explained in chapter 8.  This mysterious Melchizedek who was king
of Jerusalem in Abraham's day was offered tithes (the tenth part of
one's goods, set apart for the priesthood under the Old Testament) by
Abraham himself.  To the writer of Hebrews this demonstrated the
superiority of the priesthood of Melchizedek over the Levitical priests. 
For the unborn Levi, head of the tribe from which the Mosaic priests
were drawn, might be said to have paid tithes to Melchizedek through
his great-grandfather, Abraham (7:1-10).

     The writer in chapter 8 makes and important observation.  The
change in priesthood (in Christ to one not from the tribe of Levi)
indicated a change in the covenant.  The O.T. itself promised that one
day the Old Covenant of Mosaic Law would be replaced (Jeremiah
31:31-33 quoted in Hebrews 8:10-12).

     TEACHERS... emphasize the work of a "High Priest."  Since
Jesus is OUR High Priest, we can see the relationship that exists
between us and the Father.

     In Jesus we have a Mediator that partakes of both "natures" -- for
He is GOD and He is MAN.  What a perfect Mediator!

     Jesus can communicate God's side of the sin-issue to us, and can
communicate our side (the need for mercy) to God.

     Teachers, here are some illustrations you may use.

As our High Priest Jesus is the link between us and God.  As High
Priest, He holds us.

Other Lesson Ideas:

1.   This text helps us to see that God's prophets (inspired men such
as the Hebrew writer) were aware that the temple worship was about
to end (8:13).

2.   The truth that the Jewish priesthood depended on Levitical priests
of the line of Aaron helps to know that NEVER again will the Jews be
able to rebuild the temple and re-institute sacrifice worship in the way
the Law of Moses prescribed!

     The premillennialists are wrong when they teach that the Jews will
restore a faithful Mosaic system just before the end-time and that the
Jews will be acceptable to God and will welcome the "Second
Coming" of Christ and that the Lord will set up His Kingdom on earth
and reign from Jerusalem with the Jews under His command for a
thousand years.

     The premillennialists are woefully ignorant of:

     1.   The fact that the REAL Israel today is the CHURCH.
(Romans 2:28, 29; 4:12-14; 9:4-8).

     2.   And the fact that the Church is the Kingdom and it is here
now.  Hebrews 8:1 speak of Christ "who is" now sitting on the throne
with the Father.  Christ "IS" King and High Priest NOW!

     TEACHERS- This lesson is important practically and doctrinally.

          Practically-- it helps us to see our relationship to Christ and
his position between God and ourselves.

          Doctrinally-- it helps us to see the errors of the false doctrine
of premillennialism.

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